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Wednesday, 05 January 2011



I love the pale pink and the orange would be gorgeous on you with your dark hair and eyes. I'm having a lace and sheer moment too and just snapped up one of the Meadham Kirchoff for TopShop dresses. Was £250, now £75! However like you I will wear it beyond just this season.

Some of these are absolutely gorgeous! In fact I'd probably (love to) wear anything from the collection!
I usually turn to vintage when I can't find certain styles in the trend. xx


this is one of the most beautiful and innovative collections i've seen lately.
happy new year talented ;)


Love the sheer look, Australian label, must check it out


Sleekit x

Girl Can't Talk

Wow I love almost everything in this collection. I adore the black sheer dresses most of all. Thanks for sharing this.

Blah Blah Becky

What a gorgeous collection. I'm always a bit unsure of how to wear long skirts but this showcases what is surely the best way!

Penny Dreadful Vintage

The orange rust chiffon dress is wonderful, along with the cream trapeze with lace ruffle hem and cuffs. These are really unusual and very beautiful, and I love that they haven't been afraid to throw in some colour.


I love the combo of sheer long skirt with blazer...takes the boho right out of the long silhouette and freshens it up....and that cream dress...someone needs to get married in that thing and then wear it a million times afterwards, it's SO GORGEOUS!


totally agree with you!
I was so happy last year when you could find studded pieces in every store...and this year with the sheer trend is the same... loving it since when I can remember it! :)


They just keep getting better and better. What a stunning collection - can imagine you working quite a few of these pieces into your wardrobe.



That orange sheer maxi is incredibly lovely
-Minette (


I am absolutely obsessed with this whole collection!

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