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Tuesday, 04 January 2011



No major resolutions for me - just more writing and more reading. Your NYE sounds great, much better than traipsing from packing bar to packed bar in the freezing cold! My mates had a party which is always a great option but were it not for that, I would have been at home too!

Happy New Year Michelle. Hope 2011 is amazing for you. x


Que? I thought you were like... 26.. tops!


Beautiful pics!


tres chic pics!

northwest is best

Great outfit, Michelle! I do a lot of cycling and recommend it for staying active. Not sure it's cheaper than public transport, because I always seem to be spending money on a new tyre, new waterproof, new lights etc. But I love getting out and seeing the city I live in. Then again, I live in Manchester, which is really flat. If I lived somewhere hilly I probably wouldn't cycle as much.


I'm also going to be trying to get a bit more active this year...and eat less candy. I currently eat a LOT of candy, so....I'm a grown up, I should be able to do at least that!


I made the same resolution, I also partake in the oh-so-blissful rich food + no exercise way of life and at 32 it's a little less forgiving than it once was! So I resolve to diminish my squishy bits!
You look fantstic, those garters are gorgeous. I did basically the same but with a handful of my closest friends, it was a good night.


As ever my resolution is to work harder and be better. The red lip and polish are great! Also even with your shorter cut I couldn't help but think "that is some amazing hair" when I saw the last 2 shots!

I was exactly the same (in bed by half 1!)....the worst part was my parents were out till all the hours and are now rubbing it in!

I have the same resolution as you, but I can't see me sticking to it....bed is just too inviting.
I love your red lipstick by the way :) xx

Queen Michelle

Thank you so much Crystal x
Your parents partying harder could be a tough one to live down hehehe!

So these sock garters really work? I have a pair from another brand that just slip right down my thighs as I walk!

queen michelle

Aestetcattic I've had no problems with these ones at all personally. Maybe you have super smooth legs!


You, you are 38?!! I thought you were like 25 and didn't even question it!!


I'd rather look at you than most 20-year olds. You have no reason to worry. Just keep being you (and posting the accompanying pictures). :)


Michelle, you look gorgeous! Knowing your age just makes me that much more envious ;) A few years back I decided to have New Year mottos, or phrases, rather than resolutions. This year it is "whatever the first step is, just take it". Sub-motto: GET FIT!! Thank you for sharing with us, and hope you have a stellar 2011!


You look festive!
Best wishes for 2011.

closet consultant

Lovely to the eyes, those garters. Very fashionable specially if you know how to wear it. Love your shoes as well.


I too am looking to get fit in the new year! The older I get the more I realize that I need to move now to be able to move when I'm 60, I want to be a hot, traveling, healthy granny someday! Have a wonderful 2011.


God, those garters are completely stunning. I'd love to get a pair myself. They're perfect!

I just wrote my resolutions post (here), actually. My resolutions this year focus more on being crafty and ~improving myself -- reading good books and watching great movies.


Love the stockings and the garters.
You just look awesome,so don't worry too much about excercise! This year I did not made any resolution as I never keep them. Too sad, I know :)

Cheap Shopping

Awesome stockings and garters by SwanClothing. No doubt they always made perfect and unique things every time. You are looking stunning babe in pics. God Bless you for New Year.

queen michelle

Thanks everyone xx
I hope I can stick to my 'get fit plan'...but I'm thinking I'll probably not. Oops!
Chellie2shoes, I like your plan to be a hot granny!


I think you have perfect body, but working out is a good idea, it helps to stay healthy!

My resolution is to stop buying diy materials from fleamarkets. I need to finish my unfinished projects first.


Ah, thank you so much for such lovely pics. You look great. I would have only guessed your being in your 30s because you come off as wise :) I'm around your age too. Enjoy your pony garters, my little shop re-opens soon. Happy new year to all!


Great minds and all that! Got my sock swan garters out last week on the blog after months of non-wear. Now I am reminded that I also have the thigh ones to play with :)


you're well on your way to being a hot granny :D


Yes getting fit too! I used to be super fit. I bought an abcircle pro (yes I did!) and was using the thing just fine but then one Sat night I got rather drunk fell off my shoes & kind of up the curb mashing my knees & lovely tattoo tights! =( So now my knees have heeled its back to circling, I'm determined.

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