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Monday, 03 January 2011



Really great outfit !



you guys have such a great eye for prints!!! and shoes...


wowwee, awesome style.

Dave C.

Stunning. I really love the All Saints dress.


I hope this is going to be a great year for you. It's a new decade, so lets hope for the best! I also think the prices at Allsaints have gotten ridiculous; I love the clothes but I just can't afford them at the moment.

northwest is best

Happy new year! Nice buys, you look great. I'm scouring the sales for a suitable pair of black wedges at the moment... can't find quite what I'm looking for as I'm a clutz when it comes to heels.


Love this outfit. Senso made a pair of wedges that looked like those (likely the point) that I fell in love with. Hooray for end of year sales : )


love this look. those wedges make my heart flutter :D

Cheap Shopping

Too good dude superb shoes for winter. I am planning to buy the shoes but i cannt get the stylish one. That one is according to my requirement.

Tina Colada

oh I heart this look. xo


I love the idea of "believe" as the word of the year! Queen Marie is brilliant.

As are those shoes. YUM.


no pleaaase! not you too with those shoes! :(
them makes yu looks like this too:

queen michelle

Ah I've heard this all before Mary. Nothing can put me of things I like no matter how ugly everyone else thinks they are. I'm stubborn that way!


I love those shoes too!!! but I tried them on and they felt so uncomfortable and unstable that I couldn't buy them...actually I was really disappointed about it! glad they are good for you though! happy new year! xx


Great Outfit, I love those Acne boots! I'm big fan of All Saints too. Yeah, the prices are a bit steep for a high street chain. The online vintage section has some good offers though, as does ASOS. I get some stuff on eBay as well. Won a dress new, never worn for £17.50, which retailed originally for £185.00. Happy New Year!


******OOOOH this is Lovely!!!*********

Greatings from snowie Sweden
//Teresagato Design


Those boots are to die for. 'Believe' was my word of 2010 and it was my best year ever. I hope it has the same effect for you!

queen michelle

Oh I do hope so Helen x


Wishing you both a very happy new year with lots of wonderful moments in 2011. Agree - All Saints is sooooo expensive. Bought a shrug thing in the sale but would never pay full price. xx

Fashion Lover

Hey there

Happy new year! this is the first time ive come across your blog and really enjoyed it.

Joll Burr

gorgeous shoes

xo, Joll


love the shoes!


hmm... the shoes are not the glorious rich purple of the photos....

but the black milk red liquids cannot be criticized... still waiting for them to pop up on the site. heres to wishing you a wonderful 2011! thanks for being such a wonderful presence on the internets.

queen michelle

That's because they are black Ali, not purple. I do believe the red PVC leggings will be going up on Black Milk soon though so look out for them.


Love what you're wearing, especially the dress. Love All Saints, but yes it is very expensive.

battered couture

happy 2011. I really love your red leggings, are they up for sale on black milk, or were they specially made for you? I would appreciate the info. thank you.


Siiiiick leggings. Can't imagine this look without them.

queen michelle

Battered Couture they are going on sale pretty soon I think x.


All the pictures are awesome and the shoes are great! Your blog is fantastic!

much love x


I have never seen those boots worn so well. I like your PVC leggings a lot too- perhaps more than leather pants.


Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your style and your look, and I do believe that you are my idol :P

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