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Saturday, 27 November 2010



beautiful pics ;)


Oh yes! Love the new work. Very beautiful. But my heart belongs to the foxes because they make me laugh!

Girl Can't Talk

Really nice braided stuff but the eye makeup is so bizarre and really takes away from the nice knitwear.


I absolutely adore all her work! Especially the little critters ;)



lovely, and inspiring :)I especially love the white one with the hook and eye closure at the front. Also, I love the contrast between yours and Michelles posts and enjoy both. Cheers :)


I quite like the braids! I started braiding scarves a few years ago, this is even better. I may have to experiment with sewing them together. It almost reminds me of those rag rugs you see in prairie films about life in the old west, but refined and fashion.


The knitwear is kind of intriguing - I'm wondering if the make-up is by Japanese Harajuku i.e:
Which has its place - but find it's a bit hard for the soft knitwear...
Thanks for sharing though!


Oh they are so lovely!My favorite is the first one

Sophie Mcfadden

These scarf designs are fantastic! Before, every time I visited my grandma, she never missed giving me a scarf or any woven cloth. I remember she's using a hand carder every time she's weaving.

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