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Tuesday, 23 November 2010



I want hydrangeas in my hair! it's a scorching hot spring here so this have worked out quite fortuitously...probably not what you want to hear :P


ok. that model looks creeeeepy.


OOh, those black shorts with the pinks shoes and the crip whit top.
Adorable. Thanks for sharing. x


love those looks! so simple yet so refined. another line for skinny girls. cant imagine girls with booty wearing ruffles around their bottom. probably dont want to see it ever.

queen michelle

Sarah your very own Queen Marie has been known to wear ruffles at her bottom and she has a pretty generous rear end and looks delicious showing it off!

Queen Marie

Excuse me!
I do not believe i am in the habit of ever showing off my bottom...


queen michelle

QM, I think you'll find you have many dresses and even coats with ruffles and bustles at the arse...and if that doesn't draw attention to the bottom then I don't know what will arf arf


haha.. we need picture proof! actually i need picture proof to encourage meself to do the same.
so difficult to resist ruffles sometimes..

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