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Monday, 01 November 2010



Congrats on the job...and the hair is amazing.


I adore your new hair! It looks edgier!

Madame G

Very pretty. Good luck today x


May I just say - you have amazing skin! Like the hair too.

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Great new 'do - if you mess it up Chrissie Hynde style the hair swooshes will still work ;)

Julia M

The hair's looking good, it looks a lot thicker now it has a blunt end. I think you'd suit a severely angled cut down just past your collarbone or something.
Congratulations on getting a job!


Looks great - I think it looks much better than before. DIY haircuts are the way forward, the amount most hairdressers charge for the trauma is ridiculous.
& congratulations on the job!


He did an amazing job - he should definately have a pat on the back!

Queen of Mayhem

yay! looks fabulous!


LOVE the new do! Looks great :)
And congrats on the job xx


While you don't think much of hairdressers, I hope you at least use our scissors. Scissors not intended for hair don't cut it, it snaps it off making split ends happen much sooner.


Looks great. Your long hair was becoming too "heavy" on you. Glad to know my hubby is not the only one that cuts hair.
Huge congrats for the new job.

Queen Michelle

Thanks everyone. I feel I'm going to go a little shorter but I will build up to it.
MMMichelle, you'd be proud - I bought a reasonably expensive pair of proper hairdressers scissors for the job.


Lookin' good! And (belated) good luck, hope the day went well!


Beautiful hair and look... love

come visit me


The colour is also amazing! I see several shades of blue and black. Do you dye it?

Purdey Singleton

Gorgeous haircut and I'm loving your necklaces.

Kittenish Behaviour Blog


OMFG I love & want this pair of shoes !! so Rock'n'sex !!


So Amazing , so grunge , so rock , so perfect , i really love your blog and your personality , you seem to be really rock & cool , i've discover your blog just now so i enjoy it !!


I really like it this length, it looks thicker and healthier with the blunt cut. And I definitely agree with you on hairdressers, I DIY it unless I'm getting something dramatic done.


ahh it looks so gooood! wishing hard that i had straight hair...




Looks great! Huzzah for change! (I went from elbow length to cropped this year myself... Have shorter hair than most blokes now. Loving it).

And congratulations on the job front Queen Michelle. xx

queen michelle

thanks everyone xxx
CVO, it's actually really dark brown but photographs really blue in my bak garden for some reason! I died it natural black a while ago and it's washed out to brown, yet still photographs blue!
I've decided another inch will be coming off the length at the weekend. Hoping it'll look pretty cool and sexy.

Sister Wolf

Hahaha I like how you feel less girly! When I get more than an inch cut, I always complain about looking like a Lesbian.


The change looks great! I completely know what you mean about feeling weird with shorter hair. Mine vacillates btw a bit above my waist and right below my shoulders, and the times i chop it shorter are TRAUMATIC. Love the fringe, too.


hair looks good, I agree, I wandered down my road for a cheapy £10 dry haircut and it's great. Love the blunted look and the cross necklace!


You look like a character from Neil Gaiman! Death from the Sandman series.Very good series, I love her!

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