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Saturday, 23 October 2010


Penny Dreadful Vintage

Ah these are fabulous! Would look great mixed in with the Jeeves bowler hat light fittings, very English.


these are seriously cool


I bet you Queen Marie is suspending tea cups from her ceiling right this minute!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

How cute! I can just see Queen Marie trying to figure out how to make teacups into lamps now...


That's a Chinese style...


i want it

Such cool lamps, loving them! Cool blog btw

Marte Marie Forsberg

These lamps are just adorable and so fun! Beautiful discovery indeed;)

FX bonusar

Jag har precis lagt din inmatning till mina favoriter. Jag tycker verkligen att lsa dina inlgg..

LED String Lights

Very adorable! I love the idea! It's so unique and very lovely.

Magen Toole

These are absolutely gorgeous! So delicate and fun.

כוסות תה

My God! It's proper use of tea cups!

tea cups

Incredibly gorgeous and imaginative. Thanks for the inspiration.


Im trying to make this. Where on earth do I get the wire?

Kingdom Of Style

Hi Andrea
I'm afraid I don't actually know, we just featured the lamps.
Although I'm sure your local hardware store will be able to help you with the right wire.


sharon levins

I would love to know how to make a teacup fixture;I would appreciate instructions. Thank you in advance. Sharon


So delicate and fun.

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