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Saturday, 16 October 2010


Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

My fav today is "schadenfreude"
Least fav "mediocre"

Make Do Style

I've always had a soft spot for - inversion and have always loathed - governance



I quite like fulcrum. It sounds a bit naughty, bit dirty, bit fetid. Loquacious is delicious too. I hate that rude little red line that says 'I assume that you are wrong'. I've also had the odd message on etsy from people helpfully pointing out that I have spelt a number of words wrong, particularly 'jewellery'. That really gets me on my spelling high horse!

Generic Jen B

Fav: wellies
Ew: moist


ah loquacious... takes me back to Latin which crazily I'm doing for a level... someone stop me before its too late


yesterday I watched friends and joey had "word of the day" toilet paper.... and he was using big words. Oddly appropriate


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