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Monday, 04 October 2010


Siobhan Hanlin

Such a jaw droppingly stunning collection, a visual feast for my bleary monday-morning eyes! There is a strong timeless feel to all these items, simply exquiste!


That collection is amazing! LOVE looks 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12 from their shoot. The clothes look gorgeous on you as well!

Madame G

Wow! Image heavy post? Yes! I'm off work sick and feeling sorry for myself and all these great pictures have certainly brightened my morning. Loving the goth ballerina dress, leather biker trousers and the shoulder piece, but everything looks stunning on you x


Beautiful goodies! Those leggigns in particular are STUNNING! Oh who am I kidding, it all is!

The Licentiate

You lucky woman - what a great selection! The leather trousers are my favourite - but then again everything looks great.


Droooooooool! those leggings are amazing. what season are the asos shoes in image?

2// Gifted vintage Metallica t-shirt, River Island Jacket, ASOS shoes


I love EVERYTHING in this post and I will be checking out this collection for sure.

Queen of Mayhem

I'm SO jealous! All of the pieces are gorgeous and simply "right" on you. To die for.


Wow! You lucky, lucky thing! Fantastic styling on your part, as ever.


a collection indeed fit for a queen!


YAYY! An outfit post! I missed these while you were away.

Lucette seems almost designed with you in mind! The clothes integrate so well into your wardrobe. Am particularly in love with the shoulder piece and the leather trousers. You wear them well!


holy smokes! that's a huge pile of gorgiosity (i can't misspell that properly but i mean it's a lot of gorgeous). i really like that first shot of you, and WANT that Gucci belt.

Queen Michelle

I actually had to check the label on the box as I thought it had been sent to me by accident!


Oh, love, love those leather paneled trousers, those look amazing and totally kick ass...


Stunning stuff, I just bought some online.

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