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Wednesday, 04 August 2010


Penny Dreadful Vintage

Great dress, it makes you look amazingly willowy (and what a bargain)


I adore the diagonally-striped dress - nice to see maxi lengths edging their way back into our focus isn't it?


That dress looks super on you! Love stripes and I love those studded boots - where did you get those??


I think this is my absolute favorite of the outfits you've ever posted.


My goodness, I just bought a faux fur hat exactly like yours last weekend- like you I just couldn't resist it....


Love it! Can't resist a stripe. You look great in that kind of hat, I think it's all the lovely long hair.


I love furry hats. I also have lots. Winter addiction of mine. Nice dress too. I'm overdue a visit to Primark although I always tend to spend too much money there and end up with lots of crap that falls apart.


Ooh, that looks like an Acne dress I loved!

Joy D.

That portrait picture at the end looks great. The dress is quite elegant even though it is striped.



As always you have the perfect knack of being effortless in your style,
Anyone who can make an £11 dress look like a £611 as true style.


I love the Russian princess vibe of fur hats.


Oh my god - i was in there a fews days before - i tried that same hat on!! ha - how funny - it didn't fit my head but it looks v.nice


Primark has some great bargains, although sometimes the sizes are a bit funny...gorgeous outfit!


yes i love hairy hats too... alas i don't have the money right now :(


very jealous of your beautiful stripey dress!


the stripes are brilliant, and the hat just makes the outfit pop.

Tor (fabfrocks)

I love that dress - you wouldn't guess it was primark! You look amazing x

Garcon Jon

Love that you've been posting all your outfits!! I now really want a Russian Hat :-)


Love the dress! Don't appologize for doing to many outfit posts. I love em'!


So cool! And it looks great on you too!


eee love this! so super chic with the fur hat and all! this dress reminds me of a stripey dress at H&M which i happened to see on like, 8 different people in NYC in one day, but this one is even better because it's floor-length and chic-er! :D


love the dress!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

I knew that dress would look fab on you, and it does! Such a deal too! Do you believe I'm still pining over the other hat? I should've taken the plunge (though it would do no good in a NY winter!) Your blonde faux looks as divine as when you first tried it on!


i LIKE this!!!

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