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Monday, 23 August 2010


Make Do Style

The perfect blend of old and new. I wish I was as heartfelt as you, I'd accept a pressie off anyone regardless such is my magpie nature!


It looks simply lovely as a necklace. And how fantastic that you were able to pair it with that special chain!

Joy D.

very simple. It does kind of remind me of the cheaper jewelry my friends in elementary school would wear. That had a word of inspiration. Or their names.


I was given a really beautiful pair of earrings by my parents at the weekend, they bought them on holiday and had taken ages to choose them. I then lost one on my way home and now feel absolutely dreadful, feels silly to be so upset about an earring but there had been so much thought involved in picking them. I am going to turn the other into a necklace.

I have quite an emotional attachment to jewellery bought as presents, I'd probably wear something to death even if I didn't like it much if it was given with good intentions!


lovely story. . two special items paired together :)


Lovely story and beautiful ring.
I wonder if your ex-boyfriend still has the locket?

I  V E S T I T I !

Agreed on the manners of gift giving - it's not always the thought that counts...

Queen Michelle

Sally - yes, it's the perfect union x.
Ellen - I am so sorry to hear about you earrings, but making the one you have left into a necklace is a lovely way to make sure you get to wear your gift from your parents.
Teaatclaridges - Who knows? Probably does though. He wasn't the type to just chuck things like that away.

Raquel Fernandes

I love necklaces, mainly if they have any kind of meaning. I have a lot gaven from my mom or ex bf and sometimes I live to use them all creating a fashionably mess in my neck =)

Sister Wolf

It's so hard to have faith. A good friendship is sometimes all there is to hang on to. I love your necklace and the sentiment behind it. xoxo

beth grandy

i adore this ring!
been looking everywhere online for one, as i need a little faith in my life.
such a lovely piece of jewellery xx

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