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Tuesday, 24 August 2010



OMG You like Suicidal???
Woah. I just love you more.
Also how much does it suck that Mike isnt as hot as his voice lets on....

Madame G

Good choices!


Love them! Nice work


Whoa! That's so cool. Oddly enough I was just looking into getting a board today...... So this is freakishly coincidental.


wow!!! found your blog (which i love) through nubby twiglet. popped in here today, and what do i see but my main man don waller's lyrics on that orange board! awesome.

check it out:


We couldn't have worked with a better person. It was our pleasure and you picked the perfect video for the post.


well these are just ridiculously cool! also PROPS (although I do hate that word) for wearing those shorts and those thingh-highs "at your age" and lets be honest looking SO MUCH BETTER THAN TAYLOR MOMSEN


Great designs; nice typography and color schemes! As a former skate rat, these definitely caught my eye...

Don Waller

Queen Michelle:

As the co-author of the lyrics to "This Ain't The Summer Of Love," I was surprised and flattered by your decision to emblazon them on a skateboard, lo, these many years later. You can find a video clip of my old band, the Imperial Dogs, doing the original version of this timeless tune way back on October 30, 1974 at (You can also find that we posted about your work, complete with photo of the TATSOL skateboard, and included a link to your site.)

-- Don Waller

Queen Marie

Hello Don.

Queen Michelle has no internet access this week but she will be excited and delighted to hear from you.
I am sure she will respond to you in person the very minute she does.

Queen Marie

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