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Monday, 05 July 2010


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

Yes I did think of the Armadillos and also those McQueens with the sliced, twisted metallic leather.

The dresses are stunning.


i love iris van herpen and these shoes are a perfect fit for the collection


Wow these pieces are amazing LOVE THE SHOES!!!


Hmm, to me they're not so much the Armadillos...from the side the shape is almost reminiscent of the D2 spine shoe...can't say I'm a huge fan, they look bloody uncomfortable ;)

But the clothes! Oh my god the clothes. Incredible.

Wells Tang

Armadillos were twice as high (impossible to wear) and 4 times as expensive. So if you want accessible high-fashion, I suppose the Iris/United Nude shoe is the way to go. I think I'm going to start saving up for a pair in BLACK!

Camila F.

I couldn't walk in those shoes, I'm pretty sure. :)


I guide at the fashion museum and some of her designs are on display. It's beautiful to see her sculpted leather designs in real life, her designs have a very 3D effect to them...


Gorgeous photos! Fugly shoes!


Crrrazy shoes!


I saw these shoes on black milk I believe and fell in love


Oh I love those shoes, they were also featured in susie bubbles blog a couple of days ago and I fell in love! If only i knew how to walk in heels :(


Dear fashion Gods this may be blasphemy, as Alexander McQueen was my favorite designer...But I like these more.

Alden Shoes

Isn't this the shoes that keeps tripping lady gaga?:P

Girls who can rock that are just awesome!


All of these images are just amazing. Wow!! Must say, I'm more in awe of the garments than the shoes, although that's not to say that the shoes aren't bloody great either!!


Interesting as a sculpture, horrible as shoes, the same goes for Armadillo.

vintage clothing

killer shoes!! i hate them.

discount boots

WOW! How fashion and fantastic shoes they are! It's beautiful to see her sculpted leather designs in real life.

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