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Monday, 05 April 2010



Oh, I love Derek Lawlor. I always just want to touch his work. I would love to know how it's made.
You're right - I must admit, I would never look at this collaboration and think it was with Merimekko. It'll be interesting to see what all the hardcore Marimekko fans think of it!
Clare x


Super excited about the outcome of this, been excited about it for a while!



Well, the shape does remind me heavily of "Kaivo".


I was at the Marimekko fashion show a few weeks ago and found the newly picked designers an interesting add to the Marimekko team. However, I was a bit dissappointed after the show. For example, Lawlor's knits are fabulously crafted but the fit of the garments is still a bit off (a common problem with Marimekko). The first dress makes the model look so much heavier and older than she actually is and I think a mini version of the dress would have worked much better (like the last one).

The reason why I don't like the traditional Marimekko so much is due to the stiff fabrics and cuts, so at least the young designers have broken that pattern. Somehow I'm still not wowed at this. Hopefully in the course of time, the young designers get more freedom to think out of the box and shake all the traditional elements off. We'll just wait and see. :)

P.S. The sad thing about Marimekko is that when you see something interesting on the runway, it most likely won't end up to the production. The are playing it safe. I'm guessing that might be the story with these knit dresses...unfortunately.


Yeah... ...I have my doubts about those ending to production, too. Funny thing is that when Rinne-Niinikoski took the Marimekko awkward cut into extremes (and actually made it interesting, at least in my eyes) - the stuff did not go to the production. Wrote it in my blog, here:

However, if these will make it I will be the first in line for that sweater.


I really like the black & white in the second shot!

Teacups & couture

I love that pink /yellow jacket!


I am really amazed by the shoes!!Who are they designed by?


Derek Lawlor graduated from the same CSM course as Marimekko's new Creative Director for clothing, Virva Launo:

I guess that explains the somewhat unexpected choice of collaboration!

In addition to Lawlor, yet another CSM 2009 graduate, Chary Westberg, has been chosen as one of Marimekko's new designers.

Does make one wonder how fierce the competition really was for these posts...


I love this, especially the outfit in the fifth photo. It looks great, the shoes are beautiful.

michael alexander

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