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Friday, 30 April 2010



Beautiful clothers, but the model is distractingly skinny.


Sheer top is amazing. On another note, I wonder if the name of this collection is referencing an amazing track by the same name by Souls of Mischief?


holy crap i love all of this. my wardrobe is a sea of grey and this makes me feel ok about it!


LOVE this. they look amazing.


Would LOVE to see some older pics of you.. you should post them for fun! XX

Queen Michelle

Laura I don't really have any to be honest. I pretty much put a blanket ban on being photographed when I was young as I hated the way I looked so much. There are some around I'll dig out, but they are only from my teens very little, if any, are from my 20's. I regret is now of course as I have no photographic evidence of a great many years of my life.

karl leuterio

im so proud of them !!


As ruler of this grand land you must be...wait for it...Proud!


That's such a shame BUT at least the memories are still with you and that's the most important thing!!!

P.s - Also this thing about rescueing rabbits, what's that all about hehe? It's funny you know because there is an outbreak of these domesticated rabbits under the Harbour Bridge in Sydney at the moment and the council want to get rid of them but they are soooo damn cute it's truly like a real life Alice in Wonderland experience at night time :)

Sydney may possibly need your help!!!

Sarah-Elizabeth Cooper

Love the photography!

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