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Thursday, 22 April 2010



soo cute! I can never get into scarves either, but these are super nice.


At first glance I thought a bit too sweet! But then you get a glimspe of a 4 eyed cat and it all changes! Love the one with the necklaces all over it!


Yeah, some of those cute little kittens have an eye or two too many. To be honest, I find that I like the design even better that way. Mutant cats!

Queen of Mayhem

if you were tripping on easter, i feel like this would be the product...


oh my God. I fell asleep on acid and woke up being 8 years old again. These are so cool.

maggie battles

the three-eyed cats are KILLER! i'm not into scarves either but ME WANTS!


this gets my cute engine going


Multi-eyed kittens, wow! ;) Cool pics!


Those prints remind me of the candy landscapes of painter Will Cotton...similar dreamy color palates and surreal content.


Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. I need the crazy kittens like cheddar needs pickle

mitica illustrations

Cool and sweet prints!!


I love scarves it's kind of identity for me. And I love rabbits and cats two. I got two boys of bunnies and ten of cats and kittens. Therefore, expect that I'd take those designs with with favorite pets on.

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