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Friday, 23 April 2010


Penny Deadful



I actually like the star trek one, scary.

Princess Margot

I find them a bit funny!!! Especially the first and the last one!! They make a great couple!!! : )


P.S: I found your amazing blog 2 days ago! I am a newbie princess and I am very happy I found 2 queens!!!!

Ruth Johnston

scary very scary LOL


funny...loving the micheal one

Queen Marie

Very funny...


ha they sell birthday cards with these creatures on at our local card shop - the dog with a dreadlock hat is the best but I see he hasn't made it on to a travel card yet, shame.


The first and last are cute, the other two border on too weird for me. But then again, I didn't like MJ, and dont like Amy, so they just dont appeal to me at all.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Scary. I don't think I'll sleep tonight. Wait, maybe funny. As in dogs playing poker funny. No after a second look I stand by my first impression. :shudder:

Queen Michelle

Welcome Princess Margot! x
I can't think of Amy Winehouse without thinking of a teeny, 4ft 9ish girl that lives up the street from me - she has a massive Winehouse beehive and Prince B calls her Tiny Winehouse and that just makes me laugh every single time!


Funny, hilarious, laughing my head off - and can't even explain why. Thanks for posting them!


hahahaaaa! iit makes for quite uncomfortable viewing! i did a post about dog fashion a while a go, it's a very strange concept. jacko look weird...
my dog post.


HAHAHAHA! I'm buying the star trek one! I love these a lot. But, oh how strange art amuses me.


Saw these in Paperchase the other day. Terrifying and wrong! Wrong! Wrong!


Hilarious! I love them!!


Umm, kinda creepy?


Hahaha, very funny! I especially like the first the third ones :)


Haha, I received a card with the MJ one on it. It was honestly the most hilarious and terrifying card I've ever received. Very bizarre...
Clare x

Joy D.

I like the first one because the dog looks ok and remind me of Zachary Quinto. The others freak me out tremendously

Stella Mayfair

argh! it's michael dogson!


Canine-Spock's got the Nimoy-Spock expression down pat


I have the coasters from this collection. I love them!

k2 incense

LOL way to cute!

k2 herb

Very weird, but I did laugh!


Holy cow! It's amazing how its obvious who the animals are meant to represent, yet I agree it is a little frightening and fascinating at the same time. Almost as good as a K2 incense blend. Thanks for sharing the pics!

zara james

Your so funny, lol. Our favorite one has to be the Michael Jackson. Where can i get a collection?

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