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Monday, 05 April 2010



Damn you, Queen Michelle!
I'm lusting after a pair of creepers so badly, and I have been for some time now. You're really not helping!
These are fantastic. The BF has finally worn out his leopard creeper sneakers so I'll definitely be showing him these


thank you so much for the link to underground shoes!! i'm not into creepers, but i bought a pair of their fluoro yellow steel toes as a carnarby st tourist in the 90s, and have worn them ever since. then they had them in bright white and fl. orange too and it was a super hard choice to make. i'd looked for them online since but only got links back to shoes by london underground, which is so not the same thing.
now they have them in pink & baby blue... another wicked hard choice.


We've done a collab with Underground them of all over Leopard print ponyskin boot which will be exclusively available in our store. Should be in stock next month - woo!

Kristina Karenina

Not really my thing, though I do find it quite enviously hot on other girls. Sigh.

Jen B

Well, I don't know about UK "bapers" (?!) but they certainly won't put off the Japanese boys!


Sensible is overrated. I love the pink!


Wow, I'm glad I have size 8 feet...I have my eye on the first white pair. I tend not to like typical creepers, but I'm definitely liking these styles with a twist.


i like that 1st pink pair. they don't have women's sizes? that weird.


i looooooooove creepers
creepers and doc martens are the queens of shoes!

i prefer the last too, but it's not true creepers ^^

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