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Monday, 01 March 2010


Style Revolution

Gorgeous pieces!


Didn't realise her retail point was as low? But ye...certainly good progression. It's great to see so many mid-range London design houses popping up.

Amanda Jaeger

The structures were divine. And now I want to tie little bows all over.
But it was distractingly unnerving to notice the models' thighs don't touch.

The Style PA

I love it! I met her a while ago while she was getting e.g. off the ground and I've been following ever since.


This is an amazing collection, but i have to agree those models look extremly sickly, they also seem to be having trouble walking. Its an uncomfortable swagger they have going, not sure if i like..

wholesale clothing

I personally love this outfit. I love how nothing really goes together, yet everything looks perfect and effortless.


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