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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Style Revolution

Love these Shades


fuck me, good find.

Ms. Svelte

I love the last pair, but alas, again, they do not deliver tot he US. I swear I have a love hate relationship with your blog. lol

Stella Mayfair

last pair looks very good indeed.
i exclusively wear ray ban aviators, gold frame, green lenses. have been for a good 15 years or so. whenever a pair is done, or i lose it somewhere, i get the exact same ones again. i think they are my signature style by now, or something :-)


ooooh, VERY nice, love that white swirly detail


oh man, i'm going to start collecting sunglasses....

Dave C.

The top pair is a bit monobrow n'est pas...? Kind of like a cross Bert from Sesame Street...


You might be forgetful, but I assure you that you are unforgettable.


I like the monobrow, I'd put my prescription lenses in the frame and pretend that I'm Groucho Marx.

Queen Michelle

Aw WendyB thank you! xxx
Dust I'm totally with you on the monobrow. All the way!


Oooh I love them! I was just about to post a very similar sunglasses blog, I won't now though :)



u have a theory that scottish iq drops at least 10 points when the sun comes out. scottish men getting half-naked in public places is something that no-one should ever see xx


the first ones are so awesome although I have this sneaking suspicion that i would look terrible in them!!

Blue is in Fashion this Year

You're featured on a collage post on my blog, ciao :)

Eye Wear Glasses

Good find! Loving the 80s swirl!


The red ones can be my 'holiday glasses', and the same ones in black can be my 'step outside the office at lunch' glasses...

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