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Friday, 19 March 2010



First, let me introduce myself. I'm Nayra, 26 years old, from Brazil and i really do love your blog and have you already as a friend hahahah crazy aye? Just because you're the first "fashionist" and creative one to whom i can share my love to the old rock'n roll.
I'm around here almost everyday, and proud to have you at my blog roll.
So, stay fine and keep going :)



The t shirt is fucking awesome. And you look good in them jeans!


even your default is amazing. not right!

The Other Michelle

Man those jeans look tight! (and amazing) Love the stripey blazer too.


I agree with Rachel, even your default look is amazing. I think it's nice to have some "defaults" to revisit from time to time. They provide a comfort zone that we need to enjoy as well as question over and over, each time in a new, unexplored way.

Blau von T

giving Alison Mosshart a run for the rock chic title in these x

Dave C.

Sometimes you have to find your default settings to survive, and often you realise that they were the 'real' you all along. While I was never a fan of the NWOBHM (except Motorhead), I applaud your stripped-down rennaisance. It happened to me when I was unemployed a couple of years ago and facing a very grim future. I think that as long as the quintessential you endures then the 'exo-you' will eventually flourish again. All the best Michelle, music is always a sure guide, being as it is, the language of the soul.


Everyone needs a default look. Otherwise we'd be fucked!

Love the shoes-especially with bright socks! I get laughed at when I wear bright socks with heels, I'm glad someone else does it.


I listed to Judas Priest, Quiet Riot, Ozzy and Def Leppard at the gym today but no Iron Maiden! Better add them to my playlist.


it may be 'default' but you do look fucking awesome. And it appears that you can even bend your knees in those jeans, which is incredible in itself.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

I think nearly everyone has a "default" look. Mine is quite similar to yours only the t-shirts are different. I know I've been going to mine a lot lately out of frustration because of my injury. For me, its a look that brings me comfort and makes me feel good when I'm down. It also makes me feel most like me. And I love that you paired bright socks with your sandals, I love wearing wacky socks with sandals so they're seen instead of hidden away under closed shoes or boots!

Sister Wolf

We are merging. Jean, tshirt, leather jacket, check. I still have my son's Motley Crue shirt from 86 with a tie dye pentangle. We will pose wearing this shit in NYC, right?


Love this look!
Where is your jacket from? x


girl you look crazy hot and that shirt is wicked. i was hard into maiden and even covered them in a metal band i used to sing in. i would be wearing it every day of the week! DAMN YOUR OUTFITS ARE BRILLIANT that hat and those shoes and socks !!!


You're never dull, Queen Michelle! First, the Iron Maiden shirt = \m/. Second, the bright blue feet peeking from the amazing, towering white shoes. Awesome altogether and worth wearing two days in a row!


i love the blue socks with your heels. a great pop of color!


"consistantly dull" ? - not a chance!

more like "consistantly inspiring!"

Queen, Mich, you rock!

Queen Michelle

Lindsay - it came as a result of a random online search so can't recall the shop I'm afaid
Sister Wolf - hahaha yes we are slowly merging indeed, and hell yeah we are SO posing in this in NY!
JW - you sang in a metal band? V. cool!


If you're feeling down depressed and lonely
I know a place where we can go
22 Acacia Avenue
Meet a lady that I know

If you were in Australia, I'd call you a 'bogan' (an endearment, although it can also be used as an insult). I saw Maiden last year and they were amazing. You are ace, no matter what your future holds.


you look great as usual, and i'm going to take this chance to rant that i miss metal... there is no fucking metal in bangkok, maybe we just can't find it!


Looving those platforms
n your rocker look is perfected with your hair, loove :)

Steff Metal

Wow, this is my first visit to the blog and what do I see? A vintage Somewhere in Time shirt? uber metal horns to you \m/ \m/ \m/

I am a huge Maiden fan - I've seen them three times. I even gave Bruce Dickenson a hug. I blog about metal and fashion myself - I'm a little obsessed :).

You look amazing - and you've convinced me to hang around!

Trashforce Reaper

Man, I wish I had a mysterious heavy metal t-shirt benefactor.

Steff Metal

Me too :(

U-NI-TY Paris

Gorgeous, as always!


just wanted to add my- yey! love the outfit. the turquoise with white shoes make it. nice. for some reason the phrase "lollipop feet" is coming to mind. which sounds pretty alright.



Beaut Vintage

Well whe I read your post
it brought a huge smile to my face.
I am a huge Maiden fan
(have been since I was a kid!)

Love the look, Love T-Shirt
You rock

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