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Monday, 29 March 2010



Your work is great! Very impressed...



My boyfriend is a graphic designer as well and i think i know what you mean :-)

Mood called Veronica

"somehow putting my work up for people to look at is like showing everyone the deepest depths of my soul"

i'm not a graphic designer, i'm a film directing student, but i know how you feel - i hate showing my films. I can't stand sitting and watching them with other people, i always leave and feel reliefed when the film ends.

So take care, you're not alone ;)


I feel the same! There are so many people online that have absolutely no problem with showing their work and opening up to so many strangers that it makes me feel like a freak for being scared of uploading my own work on the internet.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll hear this often enough but I really do love your work. My favourite bits are the projects with which you worked with almost pure typography and no photos.

Good luck! I'm sure posting this here will give you many opportunities!


Hi, it looks fantastic and your work is amazing. I don't mean to sound horrible at at all (but I'm putting myself as anonymous anyway because I don't like to leave negative comments) but there are a couple of typos on your about page:

'This has meant I that I learned..'

and.. ah the other one has gone, you must have fixed it already!

Queen Michelle

There are probably loads of typos actually! That page is being completely reworded anyway, so I haven't bothered to change anything on it yet.


Michelle your portfolio is amaaaazing! As you know I too have been told I'm "not commercial, in fact it's what drove me to put myself out there with my human hair and animal skull pieces and that's been a big factor in getting us to where we are now - I take it as a compliment and you should too xx


Oh best of luck! Sometimes it's scary to put yourself out there but i don't think you should have any qualms about it as your online portfolio looks fantastic.
As my nan used to say " if it's for you it will not go past you!"
Something good WILL happen soon xxx


Your work is great, being a (lingerie) designer myself and told i am not commercial enough is hard. But you know what, you have your flare and it is to your handwriting. dont down-grade your work just because you dont suit all companies.

Commercial is cheap, that's what I think anyway!


Wow you're really good! My friend is studying graphic design at uni right now and I know she's a tad worried about finding a job afterwards, there seem to be so many graphic designers around these days. Shame most of them aren't as good as you though! One thing I think you should fix on the website, however, is the size of the font used for your descriptions - it's teeny tiny! I had to lean closer to read it, which was a bit annoying. And I thought your descriptions were interesting so it's a shame :)

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

Jesus christ Michelle, your work is fantastic! I know what you mean about putting yourself into your design, I think it stretches across all design fields. Working for someone else (clients) is just painful and that's why I never pursued a career in Multimedia Development and Design.
I hope you're able to secure more work through the Kingdom and you get to express yourself completely for some awesome clients.

Stella Mayfair

i am very impressed.
plus: you're brave and extra fabulous to link your professional and private personae like this. it's just great and ties everything together even more, i think.
wowzers! :-)


really nice portfolio! and diverse, too. i don't think it should be too difficult to find new work! wish you all the luck, though :-)


Hang in there! I'm an out of work fashion designer (in southern California of all places! Damn the economy!) I'm making myself things at the moment to get out creative energy...


Oh, Michelle, I am in the same boat. Luckily I've been able to contract since February for a company I interned at a few years ago, but it's only a couple days a week. Before that, I was unemployed straight out of graduation, except for my theatre job I had in school. It's hard being someone who does weird or wild or colorful or whimsical (and so on...) in today's design age.

Anyway, the site is looking nice, although I suggest you have a "selected" link color that's different than your other links in the work section, so someone can easily find which thing they are viewing, and therefore what next to look at (this comes in handy if users spend a long time looking at one section and forget the title. OR whatever.)


Proud to be listed!
I love that you decided upon upgrading to a coder, you can be your own boss soon.

Queen Michelle

Dust, I'm far from a coder yet!
Amalia I tried that, but whenever I change the colour in 'visited' links code it all changes colour. I'll try again though.


Hey Michelle. It looks great. Well done. Am going to give you a plug-ette on my facebook page now.


Oh yeah...umm...what I did in mine was to use a span style in the HTML so it looked different than how I had designed the entire navigation in the CSS.

span style="background-color: #efcbdd"

^to make the selected area highlighted..I think I tried different classes and id's, and for some reason those didn't really work, so when span did, I ran with it.


I am going into writing as a field and feel the same way. Thank you for sharing your work with me.


This is so beautiful, the exchange of codes on fashion blogs! It suits you well! Thank you, ladies, for this pleasure..

Lora Jane

Wow, your work is brilliant.
I work in the web design industry in Glasgow, and if I hear of any design jobs going I'll be sure to pass on the url for your portfolio! Lx


Hi Michelle, your work is great! Really ace. Know exactly what you mean - I'm a post grad journalism student, but my work is constantly scrutinised at uni - having a blog is a release for me as it's a bit of fun and I can be as creative as I want. Job hunting is hard work.

Actually I'm coming to Glasgow in April on a work placement so might see you dotting around!

Good luck :)

Queen Michelle

Thank you everyone for your feedback. It was daunting putting myself out there!
Amalia yeah I tried using various classes but I'll try span style instead. Thankxx
Thank you so much Lora Jane - all help appreciated greatly!

the Six Six Sick Girls

Your portfolio is incredible! I'm so glad that you shared it with us, otherwise we might have never known just how multi-talented you are. Very impressed.


Brooklyn Draper

I'd love to see your work but for some reason there isn't anything clickable in the post when I read it on my computer. I'm using Firefox on a Mac so I doubt there is a browser problem...yet alas I have no link to click, widget or otherwise.

Is anyone else having a widget-less experience?

Michelle, would you pretty please double check the post to see if something happened?

Queen Michelle

Brooklyn the link is just below the Categories section - it's the graphic that says 'Queen Michelle Graphic Design Portfolio', just to the exact right of this comment.

Nicole Sansone

If you're looking to expand your skills, is a fantastic online tutorial site, for only $25 a month or $250 a year... Might help you find some other things that will be of use to you when expanding your (already) remarkable portfolio!


Queen Michelle, for all us aspiring graphic artists out there...Would you mind posting your CV, or atleast an example of what you think is a successful/effective CV? I'm revamping mine at the moment, which has gone through so many transformations and stages, and I'm feeling a bit lost! :-/

Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration!

A friendly coder

Just to let you you know re: previous comments that the css class you are needing is this for your links :

a:active { }
a:hover { }

Hope that helps - obviously drop the relevant css in between the brackets


your work is delicious michelle
from one designer to another... i know the feeling of launching your site, and feeling that feeling of judgement. wondering the thoughts of those who look but dont comment.
keep your passion and don't compromise your talent.


i noticed when you go to your selected work and you click smirnoff the link doesnt work.
just as a heads up.


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