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Tuesday, 30 March 2010



So bad ass. I totally second your sentiments. It's like picking up a lucky dime, finding out these two.


I love them, plus they are both so lovely!

These tees are amazing...



wowser!! absolutely stunning!


love this


the first pic is amazing, club kid glitter glam wonderfullness with a good dash of metal rock and roll. i really love this tee.

Behind the Wardrobe

wow that T-shirt really is pretty hot for all its simplicity. and I definitely appreciate anyone with balls like that!


fyi: this idea originally came from pelayo at katelovesme last fall. this shirt is definitely NOT an exact copy - a reinterpretation if you will. check it out here:


Love it.


this is cool, but i feel like i'd go mad pinning all of those. a movie + pinning session would definitely be in order.


oh dear, little Prince Pelayo will be angry... I'm glad, cause he's a twit.

Cami + Nadia

Thanks so much for beautiful words Michelle!! xxx

re. this Pelayo character and the 'reinterpretation' comment: there was nothing new about this top at all! Not one element. Certainly not safety pins, and certainly not the crucifix. (although incidentally the idea was not inspired by this designer mentioned - ignorantly I don't actually know who this person...) But I guess you could have pointed any finger of reference with such an overly referenced piece... It's a post-modern world after all!


Awesome tee. And the shoes she's wearing in the first pic are.....ridiculous. I'd be so ready to kick ass in them


Waaaay Cool!

Wear To Get It

cool pic

me too

profiling the stylish at home

Sister Wolf

They rule.

Teacups & couture

that shirt is fantastic!

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