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Monday, 29 March 2010



Love the lace dress! It looks gorgeous in those first two outfits!


I really love your style!


You're so pretty :) like a more bad-ass Zooey Deschanel (sp?).

Mood called Veronica

i really lkike the Giaa necklace. btw you look good in grey :)


i love this. very unique:) you always stand out:)


This layering & pattern mixing is seriously awesome in the last outfit. The first is perfect because of the classic vibes! So very pretty.


Someday we will meet and when we do, can we wear our matching Topshop jackets and take a picture???

Queen Michelle

Indeed we shall WendyB, indeed we shall!

Queen of Mayhem

the second outfit is just brilliant. polka dots and stripes :)


The last outfit really is amazing. I want those shoes, by the way. Where did you get them?


I'm obsessed with nude and lace at the moment. Wonderful combo. BTW- what nail color are you wearing? I think I'm in love with it!

Queen Michelle

Dreamsequins it's Rimmel Sky High


these multi outfit posts are my favorite! thanks for another one!

Teacups & Couture

love the garters!


and i swear lederhosen shorts have been a favourite of mine since before i could even think to understand why. having these amazing shorts paired with my garters is kind of a magical moment! xo

Sarah Edenly

You look fantastic in these pictures, great outfits.


I really love the zebra shoeeees (:
Amazing pictures !
And to be honest , i became a fan of your page !

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