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Tuesday, 09 March 2010



Lots of virtual hugs and thoughts sent in your direction on a such a sad day.



I wish you all the strength and blessings in honouring your Queen Mums birthday!


It's been a while that i wander around your kingdom silently But now i have to say :

This post is fantastic my queen, at the same time so sad but filled with sense of humor and hope... almost made me cry reading it. I'm admirative

Lots of thoughts from Paris



i feel for you Michelle. i don't know what to say other than you are a strong powerful woman yourself, and your bravery and honesty is inspiring. Hail the Queen Mum!

Make Do Style

All hail the Queen Mum. She sounds absolutely wonderful and you are a testimony to this. Much love xx


right now i am taking care of my dad and he has terminal cancer. to see your strength and creativity shine through this blog is a true inspiration. :)


It sounds like she was the most wonderful woman. I can only imagine how hard it must be not to have her there any more, and very much admire your strength in dealing with it. My mum is just recovering from cancer, for which I am eternally and overwhelmingly greatful

snow white

A big hug and I hope you get through the weekend take care x


Lovely ring, sweet tribute. Your mum sounds wonderful, and I imagine she gave you your amazing style.


Hope you're doing ok. Sending you love vibes from London!

Amanda Lee

I've been there. God bless you and the Queen.

The Zhush

Oh. The Queen Mum...lived in London for bit, back in the early 90s, when she was still the Queen Mum...she was quite a presence. And that ring is aptly named, as it is both sweet and divine!


My father died on the 15th of March last year, 8 days after my birthday. So my birthday this year was bittersweet. I know how you feel.

Great ring.

Stella Mayfair

my thoughts are with you both, and i send a big virtual hug your way, michelle.

my own mum died in a car accident in 1999 when i was 27, and i still miss her so much, there are no words. on her birthday, i have a drink with her every year, one glass for me, one for her, to just sit on the table in her honour.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Great big hugs coming to you from NY. This is a lovely tribute to the Queen Mum as are you, as I'm sure she is watching and quite proud of your strength, creativity, and kindness.


Sending you strength, hugs and the best vibes.

Online Doctor Consultation

Wishing your Queen Mum a Happy Special Birthday. Wherever she is now, I know that she is so proud of you.


My Mum died when I was 11, she struggled with illness for years. I am often hunted by her pain, I wish I held her hand and hugged her more often. But, OK, she would be proud to see me right now. One thing I remember for sure, she didn't eat cakes cos they were unhealthy, so I always had a pleasure to finish her piece of cake too. I still tend to stare at other peoples cakes, ha, ha... right now, my eyes are on yours!

Kristi Smith

I really enjoyed your description of your Mum. She sounds like a wonderful woman. I hope some day to be remembered in the same loving way.


I too lost my mum to the dreaded cancer at a relatively young age (2.5 years ago, I was 28 & she 53). Just wanted to send you strength and say that my thoughts are with you.


Your mum sounded fantastic, lots of hugs !

Sonia Luna

Great big hugs from Dublin, your mum sounds like an amazing fun woman, people like that leave a great gap in our lives, I lost my dad more than 15 years ago and there's not a day that goes by without me thinking about him, we have to learn to celebrate all that they were and have given us while they were still with us!


I love this ring! It's so adorable!

Also like your blog!

Xoxo Birgitte




Hugs from Reading Queen Michelle xx


The ring is lovely, but I'm sure not as lovely as your mum, she sounds wonderful and it's nice that celebrate her.




All hail, indeed!


All hail the Queen Mum!

The ring is just too precious!


I think I do or think something everyday that makes me realise my dad is definitely living on in me (like today, I came in with a frame someone left by their bin - thinking to myself, the wood's in perfect condition.. it'll definitely be useful for something...!... all the types of things my dad would've have said). Through all the aching / missing, it makes me smile. It's lovely to celebrate your mum in this way and you make others smile too :). Big hug on a difficult day xx

Ms. Smart

aw. nice you had such a close connection with her. love her grand style, sounds like you. peace to you.

Dirty Hair Halo

by any chance, does that ring smell like My Little Ponies?



tor (fabfrocks)

All hail the Queen mum! And thanks for sharing your way of honouring her x

Queen Michelle

Thank you everyone for not only your lovely well wishes but for sharing your own stories of losing loved ones. We are not alonexxxx


Hail Hail!


Happy Birthday to her and I bet she's partying hard up there.


Sooooo cute!

how to grow taller

She sounds absolutely wonderful and you are a testimony to this. Much love

Sister Wolf

Blessings to you and your mum. She is watching over you, even if she can't always intervene. xo


what a cute ring!


Wow! that's great. I thought really a food. But it's a ring. How nice!


Queen Michelle, what's important is that you have your memories of her alive in you.. this alone shall give you lots of strength, as you are lucky enough to have known and be a part of a woman like her in your lifetime =) by the way, my ring looks great here! thanks so much =)

Keep up the good are a rock and roll royalty!

U-NI-TY Paris

Gorgeous ring!

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