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Tuesday, 02 March 2010



FEAR and loathing.... but a bit of Alexander Mcqueen reminder as in hair fabrics heels- the whole thing .....? I think i just caught a AMC fever that's all.

Dave C.

Some extremely interesting prints there. Very cool indeed. And you're right about not having to project an Amazonian aura to wear this stuff, I imagine it'd be pretty versatile. The last image made me smile, the hands kind of remind me of this:

Style Revolution

Very cool prints


the shoes are great, love that angular look


I can see two very differend kind of little black dresses and I like what I see!
Very uncasual, but still beautiful.


does this has something to do with Alexander Mcqueen?? It looks very similar to his last collection...


oh yes, the misfits shirts is definitely my favorite!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

You know that last top is my fav! Besides the prints (which do remind me of McQueen) look at those SHOES!


Love the first dress! The colours throughout the collection are astounding. Some of it's very Star Trek, but that's not necessarily a bad thing!

the Six Six Sick Girls

Every single piece is to die for. I adore their digital prints.

Little Black List

I want the shoes!!!!


eye-boggling. The shapes and silhouettes are amazing. The leather circle/cross-boobs top made me chuckle though!

Levinson & Axelrod

Those shoes are phenom! Outfits are very catchy too -- fractals and colors. Very computer generated and prints of the future.

Lady Winona of Likey

Love Love Love Love Love!





Ugh! Designers really need to STOP knocking-off McQueen. Like NOW! Too much of it this season.

Teacups & Couture

I wouldn't wear this.


so good! i was looking at Belle Sauvage prints earlier, as it happened, and fell a little in love with a pretty burnt sienna combination, so lovely! i may have to give in to temptation after seeing all these lovely creations!
particularly love that black semi-leather creation with the little sewn breast plates.


Ahhhh, love Belle Sauvage! They always have amazing shoes too...



The Style PA

Those rainbow petrol colours are amazing... I likey!

katja sammons

Absolutely love this collection. I'd wear nearly every style.
Love Belle!!


As others have said, extreme, kind of shocking McQueen rip-off. They are nice pieces, but so derivative! How they could show these clothes knowing they were so closely based on such a recent collection is beyond me.


Virginia is cool as fuck...and the shoes!!! It's like a middle ground between Charles of London (Mark Charles) and Jean-Pierre Braganza...non? alas, the Knocking off McQueen? wtf? So tribal print was not in force before McQueen then? Did the Aztecs look solely to Alexander McQueen for inspiration, awaiting his arrival some 500 years before? As that geometric incarnation is prevalent within many designers at present. With all due respect to McQueen, if the guy had not passed away last month, people would not be referencing his work in such vain.


Belle Sauvage designs are amazing but it's two designers and not just one woman. But yeah, their clothes are amazing! I helped dress for their show this season and was pawing over everything.

Cinthia R

Good pieces, but totally too McQueen, its not just the prints, but the use of the WHOLE idea again, prints, structure, outfit combination, big shoes. Its just like another version of his last collection, taken to a minimal or less risky level, and its not because he passed away I recall, I mean its so obvious to the sight. "Inspiration" or "knock off", its still McQueen.




rebecca and cinthia, if you just TAKE A LOOK at the prints AND the clothes from both McQueen and Belle Sauvage, you will just see that there is NO similarity whatsoever between the 2. Just because they used big shoes? come on, such a shallow and poor view on things. It isn't respectable (to say the least) to talk just for the sake of talking or criticizing, clearly you don't know what your talking about/don't have an understanding of fashion. I'm sure you wouldn't be able to pull off a collection like this.

Irene's Closet

Love this look so much! Would you like to come and see also my blog?


Irene's Closet


i'm with you kia, i got alexander mcqueen from almost every piece, the hair, the shoes. it's a shame, it's such a beautiful collection!


Even looking past the clothes the styling is too close to Under the Sea for comfort, for me. And even with McQueen fever doing the rounds it was such a directional collection for him that people would be making comparisons regardless of circumstances being different...

Saying that, I LIKE it, but I can't appreciate it as wildly original.

karl leuterio

very alex mcq!i love her shoes though and the quirky splash of prints


Umm it would be great it it weren't a total McQueen rip off..


Amazing designs, I especially like no. 7 from the top. Beside that, i think most of models totally ruin the otherwise very positive impression.


agree with Cynthia's well-articulated post. Do you not see it Michelle?


NO NO NO NO!!!!!! And not with Pixie Market carrying Belle Sauvage just a few subway stops away ~ NO NO NO!! I CANNOT afford to love these clothes THIS MUCH!!!!! The soundtrack to viewing these clothes is Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl" ~~ lyrics: "Think what money could bring, I'd buy everything, clean out Vivienne Westwood.." (not that this is such a great song; it's not. just works when lusting after these prints!) Sigh...some day my prints will come...

(tee hee :)

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