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Monday, 01 March 2010



Wow those Giia neckpieces are amazing!! I wan't some, do you know where I can purchase? Kabiri maybe?



It was worth the wait for those shoes. I love the wedge! (and I'm not even a wedge person!)
Also, I keep on spotting things on etsy by babooshka. They have lots of lovely pieces at very decent prices. I'm tempted by the grey top you have!
Clare x

Style Revolution

WOW Those leggings Rock!


Ohhh I love those first two outfits so much! The silhouettes are fab but that jewellery really makes it!

Madame G

Wow! That's the best outfit post I think I've ever seen - seriously! Can I just come round and raid your wardrobe?? Trying to pick a favourite here, but there's so many... the AA mesh skirt? The Babooshka leggings? The Clinics?? I think it has to be outfit number 3in its entirety.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Oo loving all the Babooshka pieces! Also that long black skirt, So happy your Clinics finally arrived, I know you will get as much wear out of them as I do! (I'm also now going nuts with the Madness boots, and am expecting another over the knee pair that were a steal! And here the old bat thought she couldn't pull off OTK boots!)
Suzanne who's now off to check out Babooshka


What a great stylist you are! I love the way you put your own spin on these pieces. The PVC hat, where is it from and who makes it?


SO glad those Clinics are finally yours! And Babooshka is a heck of a find - everything is gorgeous, and the prices make the pieces even more tempting.


love all the outfits!

Alecca Rox

the shoes and neckpieces in this post blow my mind!

Queen Michelle

Andrea the hat came from a little random stall in a shopping mall and was really cheap.


Argh! I have a Kate Bush song stuck in my head now.


I love the fact that your hair looks wavy in some of these pictures, I think you should try some subtle curls one day.


the black milk print leggings are a phenomenal colour, but the tshirt draping effect had me from the word go.


Fantastic looks !


Love all these looks

The leggings are amazing!

Queen Michelle

Duck, Giia sells on Etsy


Your photos are amazing, so professional-looking!
And your style rocks too, wish I was tall with long dark hair so my furry gilet (that exact one :) ) would look so striking :)


Love those leggings and am off to buy myself a pair in charcoal to wear with my new buckle wedges. Do you mind me asking what size you're wearing? I'm a UK 12 with 34" inside leg and I'm not sure what size to order or if they'll be long enough... Ta


super cute and not grandma like : )

Queen Michelle

LadyShambles, they don't have a size label in mine but I think they are an extra small and I have a 33" inside leg and they fit fine in length. They also have lots of stretch as they are super soft cotton jersey.

Christina Sanders

I love Babooshka Boutique! I only just discovered the etsy shop yesterday, but I really want one of the turban headbands.
The t-shirts look great too, the perfect t-shirt is always a great find!

Christina x


I ordered clinics a few days ago, but I am worried now that you emphasised "that fit". I know you are a size 5 (yes superfan here!) same as me, which size did you go for in the end? Thanks :-)


Cheers x


Nice cape/neck thingy!

fashion westie

This be one of me fave a visual shopping list. Thank you for killing my new years res of saving...

Queen Michelle

Zenobie I got a 7 and they fit me perfectly. Initially I was advised that they ran a whole size large so got a 6 and....they fit like a 6 so too small!

Harrisburg accident attorneys

Only you can pull off everything! I mean... everything!!!

Lovin' those long rimmed hats on top! And all of your tights.


Ok thanks I ignored the warning about them running small and got a 7 US so fingers crossed they will fit. They look amazing on you though :-)

wholesale womens clothing

I like your fur coat it so gorgeous and hot.



Thank you !! i have ordered these leggings for my 21st outfit :D your wee disscount code covers the shipping . However dunno if i will look as fab in them as you with your clinics :(


whoa. much happiness here! those shoes are grrrr, insanely good. and sock garter yey!

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