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Thursday, 28 January 2010




Paddy Razzi

I like the victorian style navy blouse. Not sure I'd pair it with a camel toe though...

Anyway thanks for adding me onto the bloglist! I think people are starting to look at my blog now! :)

Paddy x


Dude, that blouse with the HUGE sleeves! I'm loving it and I want something like it right now.


In french : vintage = vingt + age (twenty + age) so basically anything at least 20 years old... And technically something from the 90's can now be considered vintage *shudders*


Looks like great stuff to me!

teacups & couture

ohhh. the victorian mullet sleeve jacket is the best!


Hey, I can dig it!

mimi sioux

wow, great site..
and cant wait for king banksy's movie too!


There's some really old stuff I've been wanting there but I'm not going to share unless I buy it :-)


I don't know if it's a curse or a gift that the pieces I want are too big...

Style (R)evolution

Great site!


That Issey Miyake top is a good way. I would almost feel bad about wearing it, for fear that I might damage it somehow.


The swimsuit is so fun and I adore the cycle shorts!


the swimsuit/bodysuit is fabulous. really great site, and i have to admit i really don't care about the 'vintage' label as long as it's something i love!


They often come up when I'm searching for things on eBay. Thanks for reminding me about their shop as a whole. They have some great items.

SarahJayne @ Goldmine Trash

As a vetern of the vintage clothing industry, I *personally* consider vintage anything 20+ years old. 10 years back the general concensus was 30 years or older.

I'll occasionally bend my 20+ rule for early 90s pieces for marketing purposes, as I know majority of the gals wearing such pieces don't remember the 90s! To call the 90s vintage somewhat irks me, but only because I'm in denial about pushing 30 : P.

With that outta the way... I've gotta hand it to these guys, they have excellent taste! I'm particularly fond of the blue swimsuit.

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