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Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Make Do Style

What Katie Did lingerie is brilliant. I need a bullet bra.

Madame G

I'm lucky enough to own said 'What Katie Did' bullet bra, but unfortunately not endowed with the 'bullets' to fill it either... However, for a fiver, you can purchase some rather suitable fake ones - they do the trick nicely! Never had the guts - or the occasion really - to wear it in public, but do enjoy prancing around doing the cleaning in it! Bite the bullet and pick one up x

Queen Marie

Did you rename this blog "KIngdon of Lingerie" while I was looking the other way? Hmmm


i also love bullet bras! I remind purchasing one on the "la redoute" catalog, they made a collection inspired by the 50's and the circus, i immediately ordered it as it is very difficult to find such design, like you said.


Hey your body is bitchin so I don't think you'd be a disgrace to the silhouette at all!

Whenever you're ever feeling less voluptuous, just check out Ellen Page in Hard Candy or Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse (for the best examples) - lovely, lovely, girls, but the poor things have the figures of 12 year old boys. I always thought it was a bit creepy how they have no hips and go straight down from the "waist" >shiver<


I dunno, as a slightly larger busted lady, I reckon a bullet bra on me might stray into cartoon territory. I think it's a look much better suited to a smaller on top girl!


i love vintage undergarments!



Great bra! I love bullet bras, but I don't wear them much, cuz my bullets are a little to big! I think you would find a way to rock this, go for it!

Ellen Paige was 18 in hard candy, can't really expect her to have a whole lot of T's and A with puberty not being done and all.


Love it!!!


I have that bra and under a tight sweater , it looks very 50s!


Oh I thought it was leather, that would have been awesome then with my leather shorts. I don't think I would dare wear it under something because people might not understand and just think I have crazy breasts? But on the outside I would do.

Jen B

I agree with several commenters, the first thing I thought was "hello, someone has been reading Kingdom of Style". Pure speculation but interesting :-)

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