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Thursday, 21 January 2010



Ooh, right on it about the pie - lingerie models are different to standard fashion models for a REASON. But even with ribs nearly poking me in the eye I can appreciate that the pieces are lovely, particularly eyeing off the black full skirted dress. Interesting to see a designer doing lingerie as well as garments with such full coverage...


I don't normally wear lingerie, but I could definitely get into these.


ooh dear yes someone get that girl some chips (or chicken fillets?) Beautiful pieces though, they're somehow modern and old-school glamour at the same time.

Queen Michelle

Yum, I'm having southern fried chicken fillets for tea tonight! Sorry, that had nothing to do with lingerie!


i really dislike the halter style... but I ADORE the second style. :)


Wow, I love those pieces. I'm just disturbed by how skinny this girl is. I mean I am a skinny gal, but this is worrying.


beautiful. kind of have to agree about the model though... not the best choice.


that model makes me super uncomfortable. i'm sure she's a lovely girl but she is beyond thin and looks really unhealthy, which is just not sexy.
pretty underthings, though a little hard to look at.


She just doesn't look very happy as well, which would be fine for fashion but for underwear I like to see people looking happy in their panties! And I like them to have a bit of boob, so that we can see if the bra will indeed hold anything up

QM - yum yum indeed!


Pretty lingerie, but the bras look completely useless for anyone who has more than A cup size. They don't look very... supportive?

Queen Michelle

Louise I, like you, like to see some boobage for the same reasons.
Seeds, I think they could support more than A cups but not much. But this model isn't filling them at all.


stuning. all of it. i need that jailbird sheer maxi dress!


pretty collection!


oh how pretty! I have been wanting a long black sheer dressing gown forever. it's so old hollywood sex kitten, i need it in my life


Bleugh... that model has put me off my dinner! Talk about pre-pubescent! Lingerie models are meant to fill out the underwear they are modelling surely!? Nice kecks though.

E and O

I'm really not feeling these designs too much. I do love some of the lines, but these read much more as clothing to layer than actual lingerie to me. Too much design ignoring actual practical function. As clothing though, there are definitely some interesting things.

More importantly, I'm honestly disappointed and surprised to hear you make judgment statements about the model's body. And in the process you've encouraged your readers to start the body-bashing game in the comments.

Saying she needs to eat more... that's the kind of pointless and ignorant thing I'd expect to hear out of someone's grandfather or read on Gawker comments. She doesn't look emaciated, she just has a small build. She looks very fit and healthy, as opposed to many models seen on runways.

Saying she's making everything look bad and saggy... really, it's not the model's body that needs to be changed there. That's a flaw with the designer's judgment or construction. They either should have chosen a more voluptuous model, or we're seeing an obvious design flaw. And that flaw is this: those undergarments won't offer any support, neither above nor below. As a result they require a very thin and very lean person to wear them. If the person intended to wear these items doesn't look good in them, maybe the model isn't to blame.

I don't resemble the model shown here, but I do take issue that you've essentially just told every reader who does that they're unattractive, not womanly enough and "need to eat something" -- like they never tire of hearing those sweet words.

I find all these particularly surprising since you are not built very differently than the model pictured.

I've always looked up to this blog and had expected more from the Kingdom. This post makes me a bit sad in that regard. Perhaps you may want to read "A fatuous argument over slim women" for another perspective. Or review any of the number of articles that discuss embracing positive body image without tearing another group down, and without trying to suggest there's one "right" way to look.

I'm not posting any of this in a snarky manner, I am sincerely disappointed and surprised. If this comment was something that should have been sent in an email, then I apologize in advance for my error.


E and O, I don't think Queen Michelle said anything about her needing to eat, she just agreed with a commenter that she doesn't fill out the garments properly and in this case I believe a model with more shape would have done this collection more justice and in that respect the designer choose the model poorly, not necessarily reflecting on the design on the pieces.

As per the model being fit and healthy, even if the case, her appearance suggests otherwise. In this day and age, it's a good thing to point out images in the public forum like this so us normal folk don't think this is a standard we should be striving to acheive, because while possible for some, isn't for all and could definitely lead to many impressionable minds to slip into severe health problems as a result.

But I agree on the point that if she indeed does have a health problem, comments like, "she needs to eat something" does not solve the issue.

E and O


from the beginning of Michelle's post:
"The only thing that does put me off is that this model really needs to eat a steak pie or something..."

I respect Michelle and I hate to say it, but it really doesn't get much clearer than that. I wasn't paraphrasing or putting words in her mouth.

I think it's safe to say that just about every woman alive is unhappy with the trend of unhealthy models (sometimes dangerously unhealthy), as well as the homogeneous view of beauty presented in fashion. We're all well aware of the problems. However, there are positive ways to state that that don't amount to disparaging one body type for the sake of another. Nor is it necessary to ignore obvious issues with a designer's choice and suggest the it's the model's body that needs to change instead (especially this particular model who looks healthier and more natural than many).

Women have enough reasons to think there's something wrong with their bodies already, posts like this just worsen it. If we want to complain, we should complain about the industry, culture and decision makers that cause the issue in the first place.


LOVE Jean Yu's pieces! Always simple yet so elegant, not frou frou...gorgeous! I totally agree that the model needs to flesh out quite a bit...That white draped short dress and 'prisonbird' long dress are GORGE!


It's the Queens' blog and I know I don't have to read it... but I pretty strongly agree with E and O. "Eat a steak".. what a funny thing to say. The underwear is lovely but useless to me. When she makes underwired bras up to a G, count me in!

Anna Jane

I think the designs are pretty, but like others have said they look terribly unsupportive for those of us whose boobs haven't concaved as a result of ignoring steak pies.

Poster Girl

I agree that the model could stand to gain a few pounds, but I can see past that, and I adore the feminine/vintage vibe these pieces have. You'd have so much fun layering some of these pieces!


Someone made a bad decision to use this particular body type for lingerie pictures; I don't know if the model needs to eat more - but she doesn't have even a slightest hint of a muscle on her arms - please, don't tell me that it looks healthy!

carlos rossi

wow, it's nice to see that all these readers do agree the models are quite waify.

the pieces are nice, but not very flattering for those girls.

great find nonetheless.


Absolutely beautiful underwear!

teacups and couture

oooh, the striped gown is so JPG...

Queen Michelle

E & O I strongly disagree that the model looks healthy. I am reasonably thin and very accepting of thinness, more so than many as it happens, but I'm certainly not going to keep quiet if a model in a campaign/collection, who's sole job it is is to make the product appear attractive, is actually putting me off something just because it might offend someone. I'd like to think we are all grown ups here and can handle honest opinions.

I also must add that there is nothing wrong with the design of these garments - if you look at them they clearly are able to take a fuller bust, not much, but definitely a bit more, therefore the model is not presenting the product in a desirable manner, evidenced by the fact it has caused you to wonder if the design is flawed. But I take on board that the designer chose the wrong model for the job.
It's quite plain to me that this is not designed to be supportive underwear but rather flouncy, pretty loungewear - not all lingerie is designed with support in mind afterall.
Your comments were interesting to read though and thank you for taking the time to express your views clearly and in a grown up way.
If any of you wish to begin a weight debate among yourselves then please feel free. I have nothing to add I haven't already said before, and it's unlikely anyone will say anything that we haven't all already heard before but, as I said, feel free to use the space to discuss it among yourselves if you are so inclined.


Think the bum crack flashing pants are funny. I can just hear my partner if I was wearing those: "Aw your pants have totally ripped at the back by the way!"

Cynthia R. Hallum

Talk about not being able to breath, poor bear...

Queen Michelle

Moda, there are ALOT of knickers out there that seem to want us to flash our bum cracks - I must say, I'm not keen!
Cynthia, indeed!


E and O, I agree with Queen Michelle. but also, recommending that someone eat a steak pie is not equal to making disparaging remarks about someone's body.
i don't think anyone can look at this girl and say she wouldn't benefit from a steak pie!
i too am totally accepting of the very thin + lean, until it looks unhealthy. i work out a lot and i can tell you that this girl's body is NOT fit and healthy. were she to eat a few steak pies and go to the gym though ...


Here in America we say she needs to eat a cheeseburger. I love thin girls, but she is not cute that thin. Don't blame saggy bottoms on the designer, they can't give you an ass!


E and O,

I really don't think Michelle looks anything like this model in terms of body type- that's really very, very insulting. The middle picture in the first row in particular actually looks like its straight out of a medical book that is illustrating anoxeria- even with make-up she has a very grey, sick look about her. I am not one of these militant anti-thin people but I do think that the fashion industry has at least a responsibility to use models that are healthy. Thin- sure, not a problem! But that girl looks like she should be in clinic.


I saw those top pictures a few years ago and wanted to use them for a lingerie piece I was writing for a magazine but I knew they would take issue with the model. It's a shame because the lingerie is lovely but showing it on that particular model is off-putting - the underwear just doesn't flatter. It really is practically falling off her which does make you question the casting and design...


I would love to wear lingerie like this.

One thing that bugs me with the lingerie designs is that full breasted women are supposed to go for full support, all the time. Personally I would love to have some light support, triangle bra options for lounging at home. The sheer number in the beginning of row four looks like a perfect candidate.


i love you queen michelle, but unlike it seems every other person on the planet (minus two commenters), i found your comment about the model's body rather rude. i'm pretty flat-chested and no matter how much i eat, that is not going to change. what's more, it's extremely hard to find flattering lingerie when you are less than an A-cup, so it's nice to see that some designers are making things that i could potentially wear. everyone complaining about support and such, there are PLENTY of other lingerie brands out there for you, so why knock the very few that don't make that their focus?

the Six Six Sick Girls

I have always been a big fan of Jean Yu. Too bad her lingerie is so expensive, I would love one of her gorgeously draping dresses!



beautiful lingerie but that really has got to be the most UNsexy lingerie model ever, sorry to the girl, but some meat on the body > bones and ribs.

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