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Tuesday, 05 January 2010



amazing pieces.
great post. and dont apologise, no info needed, i think all of the garments talk for themselves.


Wow, awesome pieces. Thanks for posting. Hope the cold is on it's way out soon.


Get well soon Michelle, cheer yourself up with, it always makes me smile x


Oh I Love This Pieces ! Really Amazing !

Graham Hutson

Harsh lines. That is quite an imagination.


These are just breath taking. Her technical skill is phenomenal. And I love how an interesting structure allows you to get away with sticking to black and muted colours without fading away.


a little bit patent leather goth, a little bit architectural goodness and facial dino horns? fantastic


The first two are my favorites- the balance between structure and slouch in those is fantastic. Especially the contrast between jagged lines and the hairy Mongolian sheep fur! Amazing that she keeps the effect so overall aggressive. Lauren


Damn i wonder hows she draft cut sew??? my head is banging must be ridic!! aMAZING


Amazin'!!! the spikes on the models heads are sweeeet!


I love the origami leather(?) piece in the third picture. I'm going to investigate her website. Thanks.


I Love the mass amounts of fur and the head accessories!




I'm sick too and very grumpy about it. I hope we both feel better ASAP!


i love this!


I want decorative face spikes! How awesome is that? Also, yes, beautiful clothes, etc. But face spikes!

Très intéressant cette recherche de volume et ce travail sur la matière. C'est toujours avec beaucoup d'excitation que je me rends sur votre blog, on y découvre toujours de belles surprises !!! Le seul hic c'est que je suis nulle en Anglais, je ne peux pas lire les commentaires qui doivent eux aussi être tout aussi intéressants.

Levinson Axelrod

I love this collection. It's so futuristic and bold. The models are great, brings out the creativity of of the design.


If fashion was a dinosaur this is what it would look like - an angular, armored fashceratops - Vain love.

Miss Nightingale

Aww, get well soon, you poor dear thing!

Enter my first ever blog competition to win FIVE mineral eyeshadows of your choice - hey, you may just get a bit of good luck, and there are oodles of spiffy colours to choose from.


I'm in awe

Sister Wolf

God hates you too??

Queen Michelle

Oh Sister Wolf, God is pounding endless blows upon my head at the moment!

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