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Friday, 01 January 2010



Cliff 'em All!
Love your blog :-)


Happy happy happy new year dear Queens !
You rocked my sad 2009 !


haha, I would love to have a Metallica shirt. I loved them back in the eighties and I still do (the old Metallica, not the epic rock ballads of nineties and nougties - although I have to say that the newest one sounds promisingly...

That single mesh sleeve of that asymmetric top looks really fresh addition to simple t-shirt outfits!

Lady Ape

haha! Love it Michelle. Happy new year to you and yours and Queen Marie, whom I saw last night. Hope this one gives you more than 2009. All the best. xx

Make Do Style

Happy New Year x
And yes the last two years have been a tough call for lots of us and the wind of change is upon us.
Love the Metallica tee and here's to a right royal 2010


En el 86??
No se que edad tienes pero no la aparentas seguro.

In 86??
I don't know your age but you seems so young...27-28..



It seems 2009 was a shitty year for everyone. It certainly was for me and 2010 marks a fresh start for me too. I hope you have a wonderful new year darling!


That's the year I was born, woo!! I'd have totally idolised you when a little spring chicken ..haha.. hotty! happy new year!!!! Did you ever have a 'Save Ferris' tee... :D


love the 80s duvet


I love this post! That Samhain print is incredible :) What a great gift!!! I've said it before, but you are definitely a freak of nature ... just, WOW.

All the best for this year... I just know it will be a good one... keep your head up high and continue being so fabulous!


Dave C.

Happy new year, lovely Queens! Hope 2010 is an Annus Mirabilis for you both! x


Happy New Year Queen! All the best for the new year!


oh my god. I love it all. I wish I had the tights and the pins to do this properly.


Looks like a very good start! I wish you a less turbulent and healthy New Year, with plenty of shiny fashion trivia included. When you are happy, we are happy too.


on a scale of one to totally fucking awsome, miss michelle, you are totally fucking awsome.


happy new year guys!


the striped mesh pants! by who???


Happy New Year to you and your beautiful legs! *mwah*


I lurk this blog pretty often and I swear I thought you were my age. That picture from 86 was a year before I was born.

Awesome shirt, awesome genes. You look great.


As always you make the simplest things look amazingly fashionable! You are the most talented & beautiful creature I have ever set eyes upon....

battered couture

fantastic post. Love the misfit look.


Queen Mich, would these not cheer you up? :) Lace and panels!


And if I may add, I'm a fashion-lovin' rocker myself. Iron Maiden never fails me.

Rock on Queen Mich!



the purple tights and purple boots! LOOOOOOOOOVE IT


hi, could you tell me which font you used in this post. I liked it very much (in additition your tshirtt (:)

Queen Michelle

TaimeDowne - thank you, and thank for signing in as TaimeDowne, that made me smile x
Isabelle - panels always cheer me up!
Gabor - it's called AvQest.
Let's hope 2010 is better for us all.

diner spectacle chippendale

Les bottes pourpre sont magnifiques!!!

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