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Monday, 18 January 2010


The Style Curator

great post!


too much sexy for me!! my eyes are on fire!!


the arefeva bodysuits look so pretty, sexy, and classic all at once! the perfect lingerie.


these are all absolutely perfect, if probably a little out of my price range. underwear seems to be one area where you really do get what you pay for...

patti v

this is a genius post :)



Beautiful beyond belief!


I could eat all this underwear that's how yummy they look!


man i wish i could fit normal sizes. underwear is one thing i am willing to spend a lot of money on, but stella dosnt do over a D cup... x

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Absolutely scrumptious! Wish they'd do such confections in my size ):

The Style PA

This is all beautiful! I need more lace in my wardrobe.

Make Do Style

Great choices - have to say Selfridges in London stocks best and widest choice of bras even in sizes 28 and 30 back. Then Figleaves are brill too. I don't know what bra size you are but guessing small back!

Queen Michelle

Make Do, yup small back - 30C. Even the more expensive brands often don't have that size, or even more annoying some brands do 30 but only up to a B cup!


Beautiful underwear! if only I had the body to pull it off...


stella mccartney makes such romantic lingerie, now if only i could afford it gggrrr


ah, so pretty! i too am in favour of sheer and black lace underthings ... no padding or firm cups for this lady. occasionally calvin klein makes a good black lace number, and they're pretty affordable. but you've got to hunt them down between the sculpted cups and the pastels ...


I love it, find other style like this


oh queen michelle, how i love your blog, but it makes me feel helpless and deflated when i hear anyone moaning about finding pretty underwear for their 30Cs. Try being a fashion loving girl but stuck with 30GGs - it aint fun!


This style was so sexy!!!! Love! Online Buy him:

Fabiola "Fab"

love love love all of those lacey things!


ALL of these are gorgeous, couldn't even choose a favorite... and I'd love to wear the top two bodysuits with some black jeans.

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Prêt à Porter P

Black lace!! My favorite!

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