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Wednesday, 06 January 2010



I truly adore you!
you are always so fantastic in mixing clothes... amazing my dear!


I really dig the sweater! The skirt is cute. A basic piece that you jazzed up fabulously. I HAVE to get my hands on some of those trousers! Now! I see a sewing project in my future...Keep rockin!


I really like the last outfit. The tuxedo jacket it superb.


Leave it to you to find some fabulously unconventional ways to wear the freebies!


i actually love ALL of it! i love what you said about killing the "sexy school girl" look the best tho...perfect!


Nothing scholastic about any of those looks! Nor do you look remotely 36 - age is bullshit!

Green Tease

Love the 1st look and those Zebra shoes r 2 die 4!!!


i'm actually quite liking the school girl outfit, but the pvc leggings/short tux combo is killer. and as usual, i am jealous of the hair.


She's BACK!!! xx

Dov a bit pervy?! How do these rumours ever get started? Does he look pervy. Okay... good point.

I wonder if the apples on the cookie monster was some bizarre attempt at getting around copyright...

And yes that last look is KILLER to the bone. (Which reminds me of something I have forgotten to do... ooops)


grey sweater looks GREAT!

also, love the Ramones post :)


I'm so amused by the mystery packages. Love those PVC leggings.


Love the sweater and black milk look. Very basic and paired down for you so totally get your description of it being elegant - you look fab! Also loving the school uniform look - you look a little bit like gogo from kill bill! welcome back btw!


The tuxedo jacket over the grey sweater is my pick - love it! American Apparel has some great pieces every once in a while.

love your blog! Check out mine


The grey sweater looks so good with those hardcore leggings! Awesome job, I love it when you take on these sort of challenges.


The skirt looks fantastic over those pants!

Sir Midas

The last look is the one Michelle. The 1st looks a little like Emily the Strange. No bad thing.


what a good read this post was! and michelle, you look amazing right now! :)


I love those high waisted shorts xoxo


Oh, you look spectacular in your last photo. Love the simplicity and your royal take on elegant.


wow, that's so clever! and all amazing looks! you're so lucky to be sent random packages of clothes!



I am a huge fan of fashion blogs (and even write for one) but yours is the first that has truly stood out to me in a long time. You are truly unique! I never would have thought to pair together those pieces but the end result is fantastic.

Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Graham Hutson

Blimey, your school had a pretty cool uniform.


thank you for this post, it made my morning!


oh wow cool school uniform.


Rad! I especially love the pleated skirt with those harem trousers, fresh looking pair!

Stella Mayfair

mwaaaah! dirty dov is coming to get you!

Siobhan Hanlin

Och, I love this blog, truly delighted that I found it. I'm in LOVE with the last look with the PVC trousers and grey sweater. Elegant but with a strong edge, beautiful.


A little birdie has told me that will have Belstaff jackets in stock from Friday. You can get 15% off with the code STAYSNUG15 until Monday 11th January at 2pm.


I bought my-self a Cookie Monster T-shirt yesterday: makes me smile and it was a funny way to start the first day of sales, in France !!!
You look gorgeous !

Jennifer C

Queen Michelle! Please tell me where you got those gorgeous lace leggings from! Are they from Black Milk? American Apparel?
Dying to know!

Queen Michelle

Jen they are Black Milk

wholesale miskeen

I like the gray long sleeves dress she's wearing. thanks for the post.



sweater is cool.


I've been given exact the same three items plus a few more with which I know equally little how to wear them, because they indeed are pretty preppy. But seeing you working them nonetheless makes me want to try it now after all!

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