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Monday, 16 November 2009



I love The Kills. You should also check out her side project The Dead Weather featuring Jack White.


i love The Kills... they are my all time favourite. Have you listened to The Dead Weather? I'd recommend "Just Like Your Mother" as the first song of theirs you listen to. :)


Love this song! So much attitude. I'm going to have to check out The Dead Weather too.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Great song, great sentiment! Now back off to be a boring old bat and make up a new language to amuse the PGPrincess.


I, too, went through a The Kills phase. My obsession was URA Fever though. Their music makes me smirk/strut.


i absolutely love the kills right now


love it. love them.


Thanks for sharing this, I heard this ages ago but never knew who sang it. I love to find stuff like this out.


The Kills is amazing. My favorite one of their songs (for now) is Black Balloon.

rat pack

I've gotta chime in and agree with the top two comments... I absolutely adore Alison Mosshart and she just slays in the Dead Weather. Their show was actually my favourite of the whole summer, and I work in the music industry so I see a LOT of concerts. They were just intoxicating.

Stella Mayfair

have you seen them live? please do! alison on stage is like jim morrison incarnate.


I love love love the Kills, saw them in Glasgow about 2 years ago at the Oran Mor, were you there? they were AWESOME!

ed hardy

Awesome. I love this, your article so interesting. Thank you for sharing.


Ace track + the Fake Blood remix of it is sensational! It's downloadable at Mediafire but it's a messy link so not linked to it here.


Fake Blood did an awesome remix of this song. It's on spotify. xx

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