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Monday, 23 November 2009



I love the fun vibe and cheery colours beautifully clashed together :)

Stella Mayfair

who doesn't want to stick some brightly colored cotton tits on their chest...

but i DO like the bustle skirts.

Make Do Style

Love the colour mix but the chest appendages are a bit off putting - too page 3 for my liking!

Queen Michelle

Apart from the green dress, the boobs are detachable. I think they're just a bit of fun.

Kev - LG

Great colours - would certainly add some shine to this drab Monday morning!


I would wear this every day if I had the chance!


I know exactly what you mean. These looks are marvelous, especially the legwear.


the last one looks like a mermaid... yet it's somehow appealing. i'd really like those tights.


I'm telling you, mermaids for spring! (And I was going to type that before I read Christina's comment).

Fashion Minute

ooh! How refreshing it is to see so much color up in one collection. A breath of freshair indeed!


I am absolutely in love with this line, the tights most of all. Absolutely brilliant.

Sara S

I love these outfits so much I could die!


what does "Super Super kids mean"??? if it is more like this--i'm on board...

Queen Michelle

Kristen it's a magazine and it's kind of a new rave-y, kitschy and deliberately a bit tacky


Mmm. This is what I'm all about! Stuff like this inspires the hell out of me. I loooove COLOR and WACKY PRINTS!!
Once I'm home after the holidays I might try this. Find as many crazy prints and throw them all together and see what happens. I'll post on my blog if it's somewhat of a success.

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