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Saturday, 17 October 2009



Oh but I want one! Perhaps a very rich man would like to buy us some? Otherwise I may end up just sitting on all the real teacups here.


That certainly makes an apartment building a whole lot cuter. Might be worth the move to Japan.

Ms. Smart

very cute

There use to be a store by City Walk - Universal Studios, CA, that had all BIG things in it. A giant coffee cup, big pencil, huge tooth brush... it was fun. Some how big things are cute and fun.




These things are freaking cool! Damn, there's not better way to show you appreciation for a hot beverage...

Antonio Barros

I want one tea cup too!!!!

Queen Marie

Isabel - hang on 'til I find one.
Don't sit on your china cups, you could injure yourself and I need you fit and well to make my Christmas presents!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

I adore those balconies! Fantastic that they even included a saucer!

monica burnett

AHH! the teacup balconys are brilliant!
thanks for sharing!

Blau von T

oh that place looks amazing


I have a thing about plastic furniture. I love the simple lines and the intensity of the colours. I used to collect chairs and restore 60's and 70's plastic furniture. The orange one would fit in with the rest of my house perfectly and it could be used as a coffee table.


Daddy, I want a teacup balcony!
Maybe you'll like a couple of my teacup cakestands?


Wooooo Baltic Mill! *ahem* Newcastle pride coming through there, I do apologise. The Baltic shop always has the most amazing things; my housemate has a pink pigeon lamp from there. Love for this.



it's a great idea! i'd like one or 4.

david coxon

Nice to see so many people feeling so much 'love' for the BALTIC shop. We do our best to bring you the loveliest products.

I'm the IT manager and its my job to do the shops photography, copy writing and uploads.
We have just added some really great stuff; and we have a bit of a shop window with 25 of our best bits on the new Culture label store

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