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Thursday, 22 October 2009



i have ignored my need for new headphones for dj'ing for quite some time now. my old pair of sony works, but i glamming up sure intrigues me... thanks for posting, the eskuche pair will be mine!


These look really fantastic !


I know what I want for christmas...


Those Eskuche ones are very elegant in the rose gold...


These are so tempting. I just like the colors!


It's like you read my mind!

I've been desiring proper headphones over "earbuds" for so long, now I know what to save up some fun money for ^__^


I love WESC ones myself but the black quilted ones almost look like they could have double CC's emblazoned on them!


i have been on the hunt for really nice looking headphones and i think i have found them!! loving the black ones

J for Joyce

listening to music can be fashionable too yknow haha


I love this post!

I've had two pairs of Sennheiser head phones, but both brooke in a couple of months - without really doing anything out of the ordinary with them.

How long have you had the AudioChi ones for? How do they hold up?


I live with a dj, so I don't get to keep headphones to myself. Usually they mysteriously disappear and get replaced by old crackly ones. Very nice when you are settling in for a 14 hr flight and your ipod is giving you nothing but feedback and crackles and the kid next to you cant get the hannah montana film to work...

Make Do Style

Better than a Which report! Really lovely selection have always fancied a pair but have never looked into it. Now I've got no excuse.

Melissa Kay

Headphones have come a long way since I remembered them. New styles make them hip enough for me to wear =) Now the challenge of which one?
for my sound garden?

Melissa k


cool. i like when you blog gadgetry. nice! i have these great earrings, miniature headphones in gold covered in rhinestones. so tacky, so not tacky, so great.


I just took headphones off my "wanting" list and now I have to put them back on again. Thanks a lot Queen Michelle.


I have those exact Eskuche gold ones and I love them to bits. Some reviewers don't like the band that sticks up but I think it looks like an awesome headband/tiara hybrid.

Stella Mayfair

damn, michelle! i had convinced myself that i didn't need my headphones to be stylish, but to do the job... argh... my old pioneer SEs are completely taped up all around the bridge because they get abused so much when i play, but still work alright, and so i thought i could just be fine with them. but: no more! i think i'll check out the wesc :-)


i am loving the Audio Chi headphones, think i might go for the silver as they match my new shoes!

great blog and u look cool too :)


LOVE the Audio Chi ones, bought myself the pink dots on black! Love the fact that I don't have to have my ipod on full volume to appreciate it; saving the (battery) life of my wee pink pod! you look great in them! :)

Queen Michelle

In my opinion, if you love music good headphones are your god given right so go forth and treat yourselves!

the Six Six Sick Girls

I use those rose gold Eskuche headphones when I DJ. They're perfect, and I also love the way they look (the main reason why I bought them). I highly recommend them.



I must warn people against the WESC ones. My friend bought a pair and the sound wasn't as good as they boasted, and they broke after 2 months. You have to be VERY delicate with them. Those eskuche ones are gorgeous!


Thanks for featuring my beanie...the model is actually a British DJ living in New York appropriate for your blog.


are the the black quilted ones leather?


i also do love those:

a woolen cap with an integrated headset - just great! :-)

Neal Haworth

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I vote you get the cutest ones and wear 'em as a headband. :P

They're all super cool.

I want one with crystal on them?

Alvaro de Bem

very good post

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