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Sunday, 04 October 2009


Ashe Mischief

Am I crazy to wonder if we'll be seeing Lady Gaga show up in these? Especially the one with the sequined coat?


beautiful pictures!

Jacqueline - American Girl

wow, I love tulle, but these are tulle taken to the extreme. Love it! It does look like something Lady Gaga would wear =)


I would actually WEAR that second piece! if only someone could finance me.


I looove this collection. I agree with Eline, lend me the money and I will commit. And wear out to the grocery store. We all need a little bit more lady gaga in our lives.



holy shit! it's amazing! aaaaaamzaing! i've enver seen tule quite like this...


I would love to have the Swiss cheese one. I would definitely wear it.

The Style PA

It almost looks like those outfits can't stay like that. Gravity defying and amazing to look at.


The show was incredible! Those ballgowns, how did they do it?


how does the tulle ball gown keeps its shape? that's some tricky fashion engineering right there


this is great. the last one is soooooooooooooooooooooo endearing. nice!

Sir Midas

In a funny co-inkydink, I was listening to this:
while reading this post.


oh my this collection was pure joy for the fun.
have a nice day queen marie!


I absolutely loved the whimsy of this collection.

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