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Monday, 26 October 2009


Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

The red neck piece looks like it was made just for the JPB dress -- stunning! (So are all the others!)


They're both glorious. Cannot BELIEVE how perfectly the red one matches your sumptuous dress!


The grey one is my favourite. I love the mixture of the hardware and the felt. I have to agree though, that red one was made for your dress!
Slightly off topic, is anyone else having problems displaying the main webpage? I get to a certain point where it is loading and then it says that the page can't be displayed! It's very odd. I have to stop it loading at a certain point, just so I can read it, and then see the pictures on the comments page!

somewhere here

Love these. They are so unique and playful. They make a real statement and I love how you've styled them. The red collar my fave I think.


I am especially loving that last neckpiece in green. It looks like geometric emeralds.

Queen Michelle

Clare I'm not having problems with the page loading but the wee photos next to the comments are a Typepad addition. I'm going to see if there is a way to turn them of as I find them annoying

Stella Mayfair

am i spotting a new royal tat?

Queen Michelle

Stella you are indeed my eagle eyed young lady!


Those are beautiful! What a great surprise!


I can't live without the jean pierre braganza dress!
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Dave C.

Oh to be a Queen of the Kingdom and receive such tributes in the mail! The third pic is delightful. New tattoo is very rock'n'roll - Throbbing Gristle or David Bowie inspired?


thats a bad ass look, especially love the leather pants!! great site

-He approves

wanna link exchange??


You've styled those amazing neckpieces beautifully Queen Michelle.

Queen Michelle

Dave C, it wasn't really inspired by anything other than just an unrelenting love of a lightening bolt graphic. I've loved that shape for as long as I can remember really, so seemed like a good one to get.
She will happily exchange links with He.


These are stunning pieces! As usual, you make them look even better...



Digging the jewels!


oh never noticed the lightening bolt? Tattoo on your right arm before, is that new?


my god! this jewels are simply amazing! she's great!!


I love how the first one reminds me of honeycomb. I love honey! I also love those felt jewels. I'm in love!


Those pieces are amazing! *adds Giia to favorite etsy sellers*


I´ve just planned to do something similar with leather and studs for sale... hmm, hmm. These are amazing!


These are GORGEOUS! Love your red drapey dress too! ;)


wow! these are very cool!!


That is absolutely beautiful and unique work.

I love how the pieces drove those outfits. It's really wonderful how such an item can create an entire look.


gorgeous. nice tattoo too

Stella Mayfair

love it! and thanks so much for the "young". my thirty-gazillionsth birthday is coming up fast and i feel incredibly ancient today...


So, so, so gorgeous!!!


both outfits are soo hott. if i could pull them off, i'd wear both of em!

and i love your lightning bolt tattoo...i grew up reading harry potter, so you know how that goes lol

care to exchange linkies?!?


That dress is stunning!!!

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