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Monday, 28 September 2009



this is cool...also Levi's menswear is seriously cool, especially the jackets and long-johns!!! Would love a more fluid version of Jean-Pierre in menswear...JPB mixed with elements from Damir Doma...that would be the ultimate!!! ok, actually drooling.


shit I forgot Graham, ok...Jean-Pierre Braganza+Damir Doma+ Graham Tabor!!! This has nothing to do with Darkness of Dune, which btw looks very cool.

Queen Michelle

You may be pleasantly surprised with JPB SS10

Dave C.

If you like this stuff, you seriously need to check out the work of Harry Clarke, an Edwardian Irishman to whom Ms. Dunne seems indebted. Alternatively, have a look at Vania Zouravliov, my favourite living artist. Both names entered into google images give a broad cross section of their work.

The Masonic/Golden Dawn pics you posted seem to just be redrawings of engravings to be found in any good occult encyclopedia or 19th century medical manual. Her swirly eye pictures are much better.

Queen Michelle

LOVING the Vania Zouravliov stuff Dave C! I so enjoy work with that much detail and symbolism.


Oh some interesting stuff Dave. Have to admit I'm more into my futuristic, sculptural stuff, perhaps my minimalist Swedish side of the family. Leave for Paris Wednesday, which means taking care of EasternBlock appointments (less of a squeeze in Paris) and means Psychadelactica exposure. You have me intrigued.


I love anything having to do with eyes. These are awesome!

Suzanne Marie

wow, I love it!
btw love this blog and would like to share the new page I discovered this weekend, amazing jewelry designs, and crazy as this pics:::
love it
kiss kiss

Dave C.

PS. Forgot to mention that you might be interested in Vania's recent textiles project, showcased to gorgeous effect about a third of the way down on his MySpace page:

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Of course the crow is my fav!

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