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Tuesday, 29 September 2009



love the last photo. hot!


If you'll allow me to weigh in, Queen Michelle, first, we can't see what size she is, as her hair is neatly camouflaging everything (I'd venture she's small-to-medium). Second, I think it might be better to have small ones with a look like this . . . more neat and contained and streamlined.

This type of piece is a great idea for you, and I can already imagine that you could go on for days styling it.


Gah, that first leotard is amazing! That is, they're both super, but i really want that first one!


you would look amazing in either of those. Also being flat chested is way hotter than having unsightly flesh bags anyway - yay for mosquito bites!!

Queen Michelle

You see my main issue really is that I'm not flat chested nor large chested I'm perfectly in the middle. I have cleavage there but not enough to just have a big old proud set of bosoms, but not small enough as they'd go unnoticed! I have lost a wee bit of weight of late which has made them smaller so I could be small chested enough to carry these off. Possibly.


maybe just rock a bra underneath or a nipple skimming cutaway jersey t on top so you get the effect without worry about the Ladylumps? I think the layering aesthetic can still be applied to bodies.


These are amazing! James is such a clever boy, I bet they're a killer to tailor properly. Specially love the gold panelled one. I wonder- does anyone have the balls to wear it with the matching leggings? Could such a thing even be done?


naaah, that chick is about a 32B...32C-34D is where it's at...but boobs are overrated anyway. How or where would you plan to wear this out of interest...haha...down to news agents to grab a pint of semi-skimmed right? Or is it fresh-n-lo in the Kingdoms household?? haha...fucking love fresh-n-lo


i think you could totally rick any neckline, Queen Michelle. and i bet you would find a million things to layer under a bodysuit if you didn't like the look of it against just your flesh.

i think small-to-mid boob cleavage/non-cleave is a good look too!

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I like 2nd photo looks hot. thanks for the post.



My god, these work made kickass swimsuits, although the sun reflecting off them may just burn you a little too much!


I just stumbled upon this blog and I am so glad I did. I love everything that's posted, and the fashion!! I'm in awe...


Looks pretty bad.. The styling is atrocious


oh man, I really want the mickey mouse ears!


love this :)
great blog, btw!

Liberty London Girl

I love these. BUt unfort my lady lumps are waaaaaaaay too big. Bof. LLGxx

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Both the phots are good and great dress i like it.


I really liked the theme of this blog.

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great collection and good-job for the model.

these are perfect for someone who doesn't have much of that 'lady lump' that you said. ouch.


They are looks REALLY STUNNING!!Thank you!! wow!

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