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Friday, 18 September 2009



Man, so Demeulemeester, Sitbon and Lang, eons ago

and they did it even much better



you're right, this men's collection has a bit of androgynous touches on it so i could imagine myself wearing something made for a guy.

and to the previous comment:just remember nothing in the world is original anymore and everything that is created is actually inspired in something else so where's the real originality there? we should keep our minds open and just like what we like no matter if it looks a lot like other things.


Is the dude wearing leggings?

Queen Michelle

All the hip young dudes are doing it WendyB ;)

Betsey J

I love the menswear so much...I'd actually prefer to wear it on myself more so than the womens.


Amen to C's comment. I love these looks for exactly what they are - elegant, interesting, and evocative.


All the hip young dudes are indeed wearing leggings; my housemates are proof XD
Stripy ones at that!

Love love LOVE the sheer layering in neutral shades, very much enjoying that this is a look that's edging its way back in given my extreme love or this look!
That and leather. Leather hoody = HOT.


Oooh, I love all the draping!


I've been following Claude Maus since they first begun with just simple tshirts...definitely a great brand that doesn't tend to follow the trends. Up there with Antipodium and Friedrich Grey as the better 'avant-garde' Australia designers.

Male Mode

Love this. V. similar to Complex Geometries.


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