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Monday, 28 September 2009



genius! looks perfect with all those outfits too, i think most people would have teamed it (being bold!) with with jeans and a t shirt but this looks far more awesome.



Brilliant, lady! And congrats on getting this great tutorial published.


awesome - what a fantastic DIY!


I like the variations on the outfits you chose to feature in the magazine. They're great for opening up people's eyes to how different accessories can be worn with different looks :D KUDOS!


Amazing!! It looks cool and funny to do!


this is so cool. you did such a good job.


You are amazing! Brilliant idea!


Well done you! They look absolutely perfect - who knew a hinge could be so sexy?

I LOVE the first outfit and will in fact be doing my best to copy it EXACTLY tomorrow.. xx


Gorgeous! Yay for getting crafty :)


brilliant. been wanting to make something from the hardware store for awhile + maybe this will get me off my butt!

sarah p

this is superb! I would never EVER think of using DIY bits and pieces, but that copper stuff is just gorgeous. BRAVO!


Great DIY idea....I'm inspired to do my own version of it. And love to bits the third outfit....ahhh, perfection!

Thanks for the inspiration


ohhh wow you did GREAT!!! awesome d.i.y idea! and fantastic outfits as usual... special credits go to the white medical corset looking thing in outfit #2 and of course that amazing black feather jacket/coat, where is it from may I ask? I know it's probably unattainable for me now, but had to ask!

Queen Michelle

Foxy it's from a super snidey high street shop here called River Island. Sadly it's not feathers though., just a kind of matted faux fur. Don't know if they ship internationally though, and they seem to just have the cropped version online now so it might be sold out




AMAZING diy idea!!! great job

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Great DIY, and of course you hit it on the nose with the different ways to style it. I love the black coat, I thrifted a chartreuse version over the summer that the Punk Glam Princess and I will share (like she's going to get her mitts on it? HA!) She's had a pink/brown version for a few years that she just grew out of so we're remaking into a vest for her (and if I can squeeze into it, for me too!)

Nadia Kamballa

COOOOLLL!! Thanks for posting this. I'll try it at home :p




Wowza! Nice work, Queen Michelle. And I love what you did with the styling -- no jeans and basic tees for you! Congrats!!!


That's actually amazing. Check out my blog:


Wow...I saw that in fashion magazine, Vogue girl. so Cooool!


very cool idea


So good, and simple too! I especially love the way you styled it in the first outfit.


Style Scanner

Excellent. Forget Lanvin, it's now B&Q vouchers on my Christmas list.


Ohhhh.... I like so mush your version of Lanvin necklaces..... it's fresh, easy and cool.... Bellissima :)

Crikey Aphrodite

Hmmm, eyeing up some left over copper piping in the tool cupboard!

Love that vintage girdle over the white dress!

Melia Laprade

Hehe…Cool! Maybe some people will think it's weird. Some of the beads on your necklace look like it's made from bronze. Hmmm…. Maybe it is also good to use beads that are made from copper. What do you think?

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