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Tuesday, 29 September 2009



I like the sound of that. The images look really stylish! I quite like films related to football anyway, like The Football Factory, even though I'm not really into it all that much. I may have to watch it now...

Kev - LG

Third pair from the right - Adidas Forest Hills in the original White/Gold/Yellow colourway. One of my favourite sneakers of all time.

They've got this beautiful mesh insole, and are real comfy to boot!

Queen Michelle

Funny you should mention those Kev as there is a bit in the film where Elvis has gotten a hold of those very ones (I think anyway) and Carty is really jealous!


Love these images!


This looks great I know a boy who'd absolutely love this! Is it in indie cinemas or DVD or que? xx


I remember casuals!! My boyf is dragging me to see this as he was a casual once upon a time...

the Six Six Sick Girls

This is pretty much exactly how my husband dresses, and he's a rabid football fanatic. I have to see this with him. Thanks for the tip!



Oh, ta for this, I completely forgot about this film...

Queen Michelle

DVD Louise.
Tiffany your husband will love the fashion in this film!


Sounds like a great movie. Can't wait to see it!

Johanna Lu

This sounds like a perfect movie for me, in fact I am so much their target audience (the clothes, the era, the soundtrack) that I feel almost a like I am falling into a branding trap! Missed it completely (if?)when it hit the cinemas here in Sweden, but it's out on dvd now. Thanks for the tip!

Crikey Aphrodite

Looks interesting.
I wasn't keen on casuals when I was young. Had a few nasty encounters with them when I was in my teens. And I still remember the shock when our local bad-boy punk aspiring rockstar turned up at the pub in a Fred Perry shirt and flattened hair! But they were infinitely preferable to the trackies and baseball caps that replaced them!

Comando Azul 95

Brazilian Style

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