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Wednesday, 08 July 2009



That's incredible! I really only buy cheap jewellery because I tend to lose it but I doubt you could lose one of these very easily!


oh my god, thats effin' beautiful!


Gorgerous! Colette had this in stock on their webshop, and I managed to forget about it (probably because I have no chance of ever being able to afford one).
Thanks for a fabulous blog, which I've only recently discoverd!

Ashe Mischief

You said it best-- mouthwateringly beautiful and macabre!


argh - dribble dribble - how bloody lovely. someone needs to make a version of that for about a tenner. and sell it!


holy cow this is unreal. i love it! i want it! i would treasure it and wear it every day!


Absolutely beautiful, and icky and funny at the same time. and she's only twenty! I can't bloody believe it! Although I spose being Fendi helps if you want to design beautiful things. Really special, though, this one x


It's extremely beautiful, bust costs more than I could ever dream of spending!


Wow - that is something!! This is why I love visiting your blog, thanks : )

Sophie, The Barton Girl

Strangely beautiful, this is!


oh you want 'those' rick Owens bootsies do you...They're more expensive than the CCP ones I plucked up the courage to piss away on...I found a lot of Rick's stuff over-priced this season, especially the leathers, hmmm....but yes. Jewels at that price is madness, £300 for a Damir broach is enough!!! This is a vicious cycle...'FOOLS GOLD'.


woah, that is such an interesting piece of jewelry!


God DAMN, this a gorgeous. I'm off to the newsagents to enter the lottery.


So gorgeous I was rendered unable to proofread my own comments apparently. This IS, not 'this a'.

fashion roadkill

These are exquisite (if a little macabre) pieces. If I had the almost 30 k it would cost in CAD kicking around, I would totally buy it.


wow this is insane. and really beautiful!


Edward Scissorhands :) It's great !

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