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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

I've ALWAYS loved your blog but all of this TDS era NINdom in your KINGdom is just too awesome for words. Fuck yeah!


Make Do Style

Awh poor old TJ!

also visited the style diary for bitching and v.good.

Queen Michelle

Alicia that was the last I actually listened to them - from Broken through to The Downward Spiral. But I am catching up on more recent stuff. Currently listening to With Teeth and The Fragile. It's good that he still has that utterly amazing voice.


Boys? Are you kidding? I want to wear leather pants and sheer tops! ;-)


Oh yeah! This is great! Thanks for posting. =D Have a great day. And continue posting wonderful issues..=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo


The Downward Spiral is a truly great album.


I'm loving this revival of NIN love!


luvs it - had to link back to a punk/squat documentary I found few months back! Actually was one of my first posts. Awww - punks cute and funny.

Queen Michelle

I held back for a long time doing music related posts because most people aren't really interested, but the music I listen to is what probably inspires me the most stylistically.
Whilst I have been on this major old skool NIN kick I have spent most of the week in layers of black and dark colours with a distressed silhouette.


ahh my cousin from UK got me into NIN when I was 16 (I'm from New Zealand) and NO ONE I met until I was 18 had heard of Trent!And so began my 'summer of goth'...I wish I could fit my size 10 matt rubber pvc skinny fit trousers again!sob...


I totally got "re-into" NIN last winter. It just came over me after watching their Woodstock performance on YouTube. I almost forgot how AWESOME they are. I had to blow the dust off some old cd's, while downloading the new ones.

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

His vocals have actually really improved with age. While I don't think he'll ever repeat the brilliance of TDS or Broken, his newer music has an unusual futuristic minimalism to it that's quite his own.

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