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Friday, 31 July 2009



Revolting Cocks! Yeehay!

I'm going to work with the smile on my face. No rest for the wicked!


You look fierce! Looks like you stepped right off the catwalk, and I love it!:)

Ashe Mischief

Good for you for taking a bad situation and giving the finger later on. I totally feel you on not responding--I had so many creepy instances when I lived & frolicked in New Orlean's French Quarter... why men don't get that's not okay, I'll never understand...

Style Spy

Atta girl.

Shaon M

Wowza! That looks wicked awesome. Those creeps wont know what hit them.


that looks awesome! I am a massive fan of layering. MORE LAYERING!
i'm slowly being converted to thigh high boots via your outfit posts...



Hhaha you go girl!.x




Right ON, QM. You look deliciously ferocious. Give 'em hell.


The layering is spot on. perfect!


Gahhh, you're such a badass Queen Michelle!


BAH! you are completely my hero! show those jerks who's boss. i'm sorry that that happened to you but i am glad you're rising way above it.


hey good for you for sticking it to those jerks!
love the outfit! (:

- natasha


Don't sweat it, people are ignorant. Your best bet is to live well, the way you want, and let everybody else be jealous ~__^


i freakin love you!!


That's the spirit :D

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Way to go QM! You look like a warrior queen!

I just read your post from yesterday, and I'm so sorry you had to deal with that creep. I feel for you as I've been harassed since I was a teenager by both men *and* women (contrary to what most women think, our own sex can be just as vicious and nasty when confronted with something that angers them -- namely someone who dresses to please themselves and goes against the "norm".) One thing you can do is utilize your cameraphone by snapping a photo. There is a blog called "Holla Back" (here's the NYC version: where people post pictures as well as their stories. Some argue its vigilantism, however I argue that its no different than posting a picture or description of a child molester or rapist as you simply do not know what a person is capable of. While I'm usually very loud in my response to excrement that can verbalize their thoughts to me (or those around me), I do think sometimes our defense mechanisms click into gear and we don't comment to save ourselves from a potentially dangerous situation. So please don't be angry at yourself for not responding, sometimes a laugh is just what they need as they're a huge pitiful joke!

Katrina Russo

You have serious style girl! Don't worry about what others say!


Actually, sexy, yes. And stunning. And fierce. But not cheap, or available, or slutty. Now, can someone please explain the nuances to all the men out there?

I think the old dude was trying to be nice, but as they so often do, he failed. The young one was just an ass. Sorry about your day. Keep on keepin' on.


is this a question?
do ya think that it was a question?
you are the sexiest girl i've ever seen!!


I think you look totally Hot no matter what you wear:) And that is a very inspiring outfit!


I'm glad you did not give up - wear whatever you want, if we allow the creeps to affect our personal style, we'll be wearing burquas next...


Nice outfit, and that is the official video for Rev Cocks :)


I love dual corset approach as an extra bit of F.U. Nice touch!

the Six Six Sick Girls

You're amazing...



Two words: You. Rock.

Sister Wolf

Killing it.


LOL! Way to go!! Keep it up girl you look totally smashing!


sigh, even from your highness' rage beauty springs.

Imelda Matt

Your outfit just blew my skirt clean off...smokin'

Queen Michelle

Well Imelda, from one Queen to another - THAT'S a photo I'd like to see!


I love this! Sexy? really a lot! thanks!!!!!

Melissa K

Sexy and I must say I love fingerless gloves!


keep going girl!

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