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Monday, 27 July 2009



wow, amzing post! love this pics and your outfit so much! aggressive but so elegant... great!


I absolutely love this, you're such an inspiration Michelle!


A M A Z I N G ! ! !

Gorgeous pics! That mask was surely made for you ;)


That mask is beyond beautiful - the finishing is just perfect. The first thing I'm going to do after I graduate is learn how to mould leather!


Ooohh, I've wanted a mask like that for so long! Meow!

fashion roadkill

Love the mask. You look like Irina in these photos!

Kev - LG

Massive CatWoman vibes - Halle Berry better watch out!


hahahahahhahahaha ...second is learn how to spell 'mold'!!!!!!!!!

Ashe Mischief

I've been wanting a cat's mask for AGES and you've totally sold me on this one.

Queen Michelle

Foxyman, put me down for one of whatever you decide to make from leather!


Oooooh, hellllo....meow.
Love the outfit (that might seem like a wierd thing to say, but I think the clothing choice is perfect with that mask).

Nice :)


It's gorgeous. And so suits your already-feline form!

Olya Baileys

Gorgeous! =^.^=

Liberty London Girl

Oh I LOVE masks. I styled a shoot once with all the models in masks... so alluring, I think. LLGxx


Meow, Kitty!!! Love this post so much! You really are an award-winning actress at heart, aren't you ;-)


You're the cat's meow :)


Love the dress. Love the mask. You are pretty much epic.


The mask!! I have always liked masks but it was only recently that I fell super in love with them.


Hello Kitty! Great mask.
You should read a story by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son -although he does not advertise the family relation) "The mask of my father". Very interesting, some haunting masks and images, slightly disturbing...

the Six Six Sick Girls

Love these photos! Where is that beautiful dress from!?


Ms. Smart


Queen Michelle

Tiffany it was from All Saints.
Maya, I shall check out that book, thanks.


I love the mask! Wow its amazing!.x

Nini's Style

I love the mask.


I love this.
I am going to order one NOW.
Obsessed with cat women and have a small selection of cat ears but nothing as amazing as this.
I've been considering a horse tail too.
Saw Alison from Goldfrapp wearing one AGES ago and was like 'yup thats for me' but never found a good one.... gonna keep looking!


i went and bought one after seeing this post and it is divine, it arrived the next day I SWEAR - which is extra awesome. thank-you for finding the mask and making it so that i could find out about it. you're a star

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