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Wednesday, 29 July 2009



Ooh! I've always loved these (although I don't own one myself) :)


Wow, those are really great even though they seem to be a little uncomfortable.


fascinating! Is it a uniquely Scottish thing to use the word "rooting" for messing or poking around? The Norwegian word is "rote", and it's pronounced like root. Just the wordnerd being curious here ;) great bracelet, by the way

Queen Michelle

Mie, I'm not actually sure if it's just a Scottish expression. Maybe it's a British thing?




Such fun. I remember playing around with these years ago and loving 'em. Can we see an outfit built around the panja, pretty please?


Oh I love it! I just refound one of my sister's old chainmail inspired hand...things? that looks like this. Although I spend a lot of the day typing on the computer, so I'm worried that would be annoying to do while wearing such a piece.


I used to have a silver one. I nearly took someone's eye out with the ring section, which was in the shape of a diamond.


Love it! I picked one up at a Renaissance Faire as a teen, and inherited a few from my grandmother. I really like the look of one on each hand!


I love Indian jewelry and accessories. They've got a musical quality to them as well-- they seem to tinkle a little as you move...

Sister Wolf

You are seriously killing it.


sorry Sister Wolf -I had to look up what 'killing it' meant on a slang dictionary... ahhh... 'taking it to the highest level' --I see.

Queen Michelle

Sister Wolf - noooooooooooo!!!!!!


That's pretty amazing!

Pink Haired Princess

I had a gorgeous one like that years ago that jangled as I moved. It was really chunky, yet delicate at the same time, I loved it. I don't think I have it anymore though as it became really tarnished (on the lookout for a new one).

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